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    COVID-19 Information for you

    This law mainly aimed at " key workers" (NHS, POLICE, DELIVERY , FOOD STORES ect ) not the ones sit at home. This new law encourages them to continue working now (as they desperately needed) instead of taking annual Holidays , thinking they lose their holidays considering the "Take it or lose it " policy implemented by many employers.
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    I spoke to my Employee last week and explained to him I would be paying his full wage (Topping up the 80%) so he would not lose any money. He offered to give up all his holidays in return. I refused and told him it was not his fault so not all employees are bad.He appreciates how difficult it is going to be for me once we open up again.
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    Lock down

    Unfortunately, we like others have closed for now. Managed to dodge pretty much any help out there as far as I can see. We are self-employed but our mobile shop is not classed as a “property” hence doesn’t qualify for Small Business Rates Relief, so we won’t qualify for anything except the 80% profit for 3 months whenever that comes through. Very happy that we put everything through the books! Obviously that doesn’t cover half the running costs even while closed. Done all we can to batten down the hatches. Determined to come out the other side flying! All the best to everyone
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    COVID-19 Information for you

    I think that’s great hope mine will not take a break for some months till we get back into it,
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    Count Muppet

    COVID-19 Information for you

    Can’t see how staff are losing out while they sit at home being paid to save their lives
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    That's because Nigel has Morals and integrity. Brisant I am not so sure about.
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    Mustang is a great versatile machine and well worth the small investment I have two and there are really used and if they go wrong or in need of a service you can send it to rollings and have it completely overhauled for about 150 including pick up and delivery and through experience it’s a great express service my opinion anyway
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