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    Is this repairable?

    If a customer came in and wanted those repairing I'd offer to repair them too. It's just much easier on the forum to say the truth which is those boots are basically made out of extra thick black bin liners, your feet will become as sweaty as possible as they will not breath even one bit. Like all here I know a half decent shoe when I see one and at £75 those were a complete and total rip off to begin with IMO.
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    x minit uk

    Is this repairable?

    Exactly the reason the shoe repair trade is dying a death. If they came into my shop I would repair for a tenner.
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    Auto Key Wizard

    Ford USA lock parts

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    Chris Hanson

    Miracle S10

    Great News Kevin, Lockdecoders are only a text, message or call away anytime...told you it was quiet.
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    Miracle S10

    After doing my own research on this machine & being able to have a Keyline Ninja & Futura on loan for a few weeks I feel that I've made the right decision .In my opinion its a better machine by a long way . Build quality is impressive & support in setting up was great .I'll mainly be cutting dimple , Tubular & edge keys but I can see it ,making my Silca Viper redundant .
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