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    Mick Friend

    3D Closed

    I know the untrue story - it appears that due to the UK Gov cocking up Brexit their entire stock is now invalid and has to be revalidated to extend the date to June 30- Their continental quilts have all gone into meltdown and their entire stock of transponder keys refuses to code to english made cars, so thats just Morgan then. The BMW keys have all decided that they will not function outside the EU and these are having to be overrun with hob nail boots. In the meantime the chinease servers made in Korea and manufactured in India have all hit the Millenium meltdown due to the time difference. Steve from Microsoft Bombay told me this first hand this morning when he locked into my PC and transferred all my money to a safe deposit to prevent the UK gov turning it into Euros to pay their huge hotel bill for Mrs may. I also know this to be a fact because the nice lady from BT explained about my WiFi issues and took £80 to get a new one to me next month. Then to cap it all I am on some sort of international police raid list as I have been identified as some sort of pervert (well Ok I own up) and the CIA will remove me for just 100 bitcoins. and that has reflected onto 3D's computers so it is my fault....... sorry
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    Brexit and Shoe Repairs

    How can we prepare for something we have no clue about, even the bloody politicians do not know what will happen they and the BBC (scaremonger in chief) all predict doom and gloom if we get a no deal but they are guessing. Personally i would like us to leave on the 29th with no deal and see what happens, i voted to leave like many others and just want it delivered without having to pay any more money to the EU.
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    Damaged Upper on Scouring Band

    He was very happy with the repair. Disappointed with the damage but reasonable. Had planned to darken the shoe colour so he's going to see what they look like after. Wanted to pay part of the repair but I insisted on him having it free. He assured me he will be returning with more shoes, so happy days
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    Ok people, this is all I will say on BREXIT. This deal that cannot get voted through Parliament is NOT Theresa May's, or indeed Britain's agreement, it is the agreement the EU wish to impose on the UK. David Cameron should hold his head in shame for dumping her and the Country into the mess he didn't have the courage and balls to see through! So Theresa, be brave, lets leave this over bureaucratic European State and fend for ourselves, lets send a message that we will not be bullied into an agreement that does not suit the British people or our Businesses!!!
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    5 In the post for you.
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    Don't forget the clocks change this weekend....... I'm setting mine to 1940 when this country had some balls.
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    3D Closed

    and reiterates my point on unfounded statements such as "they are gone " and the unjust speculation that tarnishes their reputation further that gets posted is innacurate and potentially liable . im all for tightening up this industry , but not by such ridiculous siezures of provable genuine stock being siezed until they conclude their investigation , if 3d had been a less succesful group such a siezure could be terminal , its no comfort being exhonerated once you go under , im glad they are in a position to weather the storm . it would make much more sense to target the resellers of chinese counterfeit keys and the online sellers and those that buy china keys who avoid import duty with their doctored low invoices , it is these they should be targetting not legit suppliers lets hope this puts an end to the jungle drum network of innacurate and unfounded speculation once and for all .
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    With age comes experience and a smell of wee.
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    3D Group

    these days social media seems to be the 1st port of call . even to the point some threaten suppliers with social media if they dont get there way , though this is same with our customers , how did the world survive pre social media . its the new elite , those responding on ads on social media believe they are entitled these days and deserve a cheap or free job , i always read , " tradesman wanted for ............ must be top quality and must be cheap " cheap and quality rarely go together in reality. 1st port of call should always be with the supplier direct , more gets resolved this way in an amicable manner , after an online onslaught many will be offended and do as little as they can to resolve an issue , id be same with a customer . its a rare occasion mick , we are in agreement , lol
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    Dave the locksmith

    A new one on me.

    Had a customer come in today complaining the keys I cut were to noisy going into the lock !! After 25 years + I thought I'd heard it all.
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    Key marked 'T'

    lol i had to search for that f3 last week total mind blank carry on!
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    You would be better off just approaching a local cobbler, one of them might be interested. I opened my shop, just doing watch and Jewellery repairs (20 years ago) moved into key cutting. Obviously, customers assumed I did shoe repairs. I approached two cobblers, one wasn't interested, the other didn't mind. I did not push discount hard, or even at all. He charges me a bit less than normal customers, I make a profit by just charging more, because my shop is in a busy commuter station, and I can charge more. It's also really good for the selling of shoe care products. I now do most stilettos myself, it's the main market, but I still send him quite a bit of work. It's worked really well for probably 12 years ( at least), he does a great job. I always keep the jobs simple, only reheeling and resoling. Anything else, I redirect to the cobbler, or the other cobbler that turned me down initially. It's a fairly good relationship with the three of us.
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    hello everyone

    most forums would like more locksmith stuff shared as its easier and quicker than learning it yourself , but be careful what you wish for as it is a double edged sword that leads to everyone being able to do what you do and the result is rates drop faster than a tarts knickers as knowledge and info gained too cheaply seems to have no value once the price cutters get it, and many locksmiths are against sharing what may benefit their competition , something thats understandable especially as many will have worked hard to gain a skill or knowledge. i see it on many forums , 1 guy moans that sensitive info should not be shared as it kills trade , this guy normally gets flamed on the forum by those that want the info shared , using the addage a forum is for sharing and such info should be shared for the common good of forum members , some get quite aggresive in their flaming of the guy who doesnt want it shared , but then the hypocracy , a year or 2 down the line the guys that wanted the sharing moan on the same forum that their trade is being dented by new starts and beer brigade and such info should not be shared , they then get flamed by the new crop and the cycle begins again , its been a common never ending cycle for many years . in fairness to this forum it has a good balance , when ever someone asks for help and advice they more often than not get it quickly and freely , in many cases they only need to ask, if someone is happy to share they do , if not they dont . the info is readily available all over the net from forums , you tube and most manufacturer sites , just takes some leg work.
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    Welsh Key Caps

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    Tune of the Day

    Great loss to both music and motorcycling. Met him a few timers when we were both involved with BSB and Endurance racing running race Teams. Genuine nice guy, unlike a charecter he often played on stage. RIP chap
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    Hegel cylinder lock

    I am sure some of them think we going to magicly find where they live and go round and rob them
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    Key id please

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    cowers lane 583

    New Yale key ?

    This thread is more thrilling than the last "Game of Thrones " finale. Earlsdoncobbler posts a photo, everyone goes ya-273d, ..... but no .. it's not..... how will it end. Who knows, will we even be ever presented with this key.
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    30 locks was all that was required for me 2 become a stockist. I am currently selling approx 250-300 Ultion cylinders a year and have full access to genuine blanks and codes. We are on course to cut approx 4-5000 keys this year as all new composite doors fitted locally are all being fitted with Ultion locks. Best investment i ever made.
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    Brexit and Shoe Repairs

    Hmmm suppliers should have taken action as a lot of shoe materials are brought in from the EU, I know of at least one big supplier who has written to customers (wholesalers) telling them not to expect much in the way of deliveries in April and possibly May as their parcel companies have told them no guarantees on delivery. Trading wise I can't see there being any difference unless import duties start being applied which is unlikely as there will still be 2 way traffic. From my travels I know people outside the UK are talking a lot more about Brexit than we are and look at how much is being talked about here, it's almost like they are more worried than we are but that could just be the British attitude of "get on with it and see what happens" I very much hope now we just get the 29th March date final and over with or without a deal, we will survive. High Street (& shoe repair) trade is pretty shocking and has been for a while it's hard to see how much worse it can get.
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    Mick Friend

    Jury Service

    I wont stop you stop the brain stops, the bowel and urine control go and you end up smelling of piss and shit and have no idea why. so work until you drop
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    Jury Service

    In a weird kind of way I want to do it because I think the murdering, raping, pensioner bashing, robbing, drug dealing mugging bastard, is guilty anyway. Am I going in to this with the wrong attitude?
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    ultion blanks

    only Brisant sell the original blanks, and they will only supply to brisant agents. Graham on the forum is a Brisant agent and will cut to code for you give him a shout. Very good fast service from Graham. Bob