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    Samual Windsor 2017.
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    I don’t take many pictures, but here’s a couple of recent long soles
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    If he gets us out of Europe by the 31st October than i will be glad he is PM even if he is crap at everything else.
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    Damaged Upper on Scouring Band

    He was very happy with the repair. Disappointed with the damage but reasonable. Had planned to darken the shoe colour so he's going to see what they look like after. Wanted to pay part of the repair but I insisted on him having it free. He assured me he will be returning with more shoes, so happy days
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    Looks like they got dropped off to a Timpson pod for glueing
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    Again Graham Scotland second class citizens we dont have a rep anymore ! carry on!
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    yup JC and the rest of his leadership was the best gift Labour could have given the conservatives in this election , all the time JC and his cronies were at the helm it was always going to be a good result for boris. maybe we will now see brexit get done
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    With age comes experience and a smell of wee.
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    Mick Friend

    COVID-19 Information for you

    Well I take my hat off, stack me against the wall and spray me with dog piss- The loan was paid directly into my account on the 11th- No notification, not a word, Now stashed under the mattress with the gold bars, the two Fabergé eggs, and the omega watches - Oh how I wish - deposited in the deposit account.
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    Pressure vs support

    Don't succumb, Lee; if they're that bloody selfish at a time like this, then you don't need their custom. I have a feeling why you're having an internal struggle and I think, although I could be wrong, that it boils down to your habit of being a consummate professional, where customer service is concerned. I agree with all the above replies. Your sanity, your health and your family are all paramount - you only live once, mate. One of my biggest regrets over the yeras is not spending enough time with my family, especially my kids, due to trying to build and develop my business and bring money into the family, which is why I now try to spend as much time with my two young grandkids. You have a bit of money and a lot of time on your hands - bloody well have a decent break and make the most of it. x. Rick.
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    ironplanet uk900

    Lock down

    Closed till further notice. Going to use the time to make leather bags etc for our return. Good luck to all of you, hope we all get through this safely.
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    prepare for brexit

    shes a politician , none of them could even lie straight in bed . the irony is that 99% of politicians regardless of their party colour will lie to get the vote , they will still serve their own interests way before doing anything for the common voter , sadly you cant trust a single one of them , anyone who does is deluded , its a rigged system in their favour. i do believe that england , scotland , wales and NI are stronger together than they could ever be broken up , its easy to want a break and be independent , not so easy in practice and not one would be stronger or better off being independent in my opinion, but if one or more want to break away then thats their choice if they vote for this , unless they dont like the vote outcome and continue to vote until the outcome the politicians want succeeds , sounds familiar. i have to admit to being totally bored with politics , no matter whats voted for these liars and thieves we elect will still screw us over , what we need is honest politicians and honest transparent politics , but theres absolutely no one standing in these elections that practice honesty and transparency , the only sure and for certain outcome is we get screwed over again .
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    cowers lane 583

    SANJIN key

    Hope I'm not coming across as someone who is "teaching "grandma how to suck eggs". But, it's great when a customer comes in with a postbox key branded L & F, or Renz. You know, quick look in the books, key ided, and ordered if necessary .But when a customer comes in with a cheap Chinese one, and you think" I'll check the book, but I'm sure bloody Pingpong industries isn't there! This is how I've dealt with these situations. I've ordered in a fairly wide selection of key blanks, all the most popular, and divided them into right and left handed. Fairly quick comparison of either the right or left keys to the Chinese blank, find the closest one. So far hasn't let me down in the past 18 or so months. Keep notes, had to order these blanks by the 2/5. So I charge £6 a key, two for £10. If anyone thinks I've got some blanks in my postbox range missing,I would love to know.
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    Can we open?

    Use any loophole/grey area you can. If it is good enough for the government then it should be ok for everyone. Lead by example LOL, Conservatives, Labour, SNP and Media all guilty in some way of breaking rules since lockdown so why should we take any notice.
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    OS Keys

    Using China in the future.

    I would really love companies to stop replacing good British and European locks with cheap alternates from china. The locks from Alibaba and Ali Express are the bane of my life trying to decode and find a suitable key blank. Customers assuming just because it has a number they can get a key for it.
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    Help for us small employers

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    COVID-19 Information for you

    I know a lot of shoe repairers are self employed and worried but I am convinced the Government will find a solution it's in their best interest to it's just how so hang in there and look after yourselves without the mental pressure you may feel not knowing: Posted at 17:3317:33 25.03.2020 Johnson: More tricky to help self-employed Boris Johnson again faces pressure to do something to help the self-employed. The PM says the government has “moved with extraordinary speed to support and prop up the whole of the economy of this country, putting our arms around workers of all kinds to the best extent we possibly can”. He admits it was “easiest” to help employees and more “tricky” to work out a package for the self-employed. “But that has been done at incredible speed,” adds the PM, promising that Chancellor Rishi Sunak will make an announcement on the plan tomorrow. He adds: “I don't think there has been a time in our history in the last century that a government of this country has put its arms around so many people to get through such a tough time.” Mr Johnson concludes the press conference saying: “We will beat this and we will beat this together, and we will do it by protecting our NHS and staying at home. That is how we will save lives."
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    ironplanet uk900

    Lock down

    We're keeping our head above water at the moment, but very worrying long term. I wish all you independents the very best. Make sure you get all the help your entitled to, & hang in there, dont throw the towel in... we are British we fight on. Good luck everyone x
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    ironplanet uk900

    prepare for brexit

    Cant stand that woman, she hates the UK, bigoted racist.
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    Sold. Donation made.
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    Er, they do, the filter bag gets clogged over time, banging it with a stick will not be sufficient and washing it will ruin it
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    key for PV 444 year 1957

    Watch it doesn't explode !. No information on Silca Key Program.
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    prepare for brexit

    Also i find it Hilarious that wee Jimmy Krankie north of the border wants independance for Scotland so she can then hand powers straight back to the EU taking away the independence she keeps banging on about says a lot about who us Scots trust more..Europeans or English
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    Mate's rates

    a good auto locksmith i know in northern ireland advertised that he would gain entry to a vehicle free of charge if a child or dog was locked in the car , he got called to one and as he had advertised he dropped everuthing and went to the car and gained entry for a very gratefull lady who left a glowing facebook review , this was picked up by the local newspapers who did a write up and interview with the lady and published it as a local hero . since the article his phone was ringing off the hook , the positive advertising was effective and he was fully booked for 6 to 8 weeks after wards all paid key jobs , only 2 other free gain entry jobs , for him this was extremely positive advertising
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    Mate's rates

    Read somewhere about a plumber repairing an old ladies boiler free of charge simply because she could not afford to pay, she had been without heating or hot water for some time. He then publicised that he would carry out any plumbing free of charge to any old/disabled/needy customer. He now has a team of plumbers helping him carry out his charity work. People in need should not have to go without heating or hot water these days. Is it possible for our trade to set up a similar charity service for any of the older generation who have been burgled and cannot afford decent locks to keep them safe....... Just a thought
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    The 5p challenge

    In a lot of cases if we didnt cut keys there would be hundreds even thousands less repairers still going today for most shoe repairs are now a sideline no matter how good you are. Even what i would call craftsmen would struggle to survive today by just doing shoe repairs only as 'easy money' makes the world go round especially with what has happened since the market crash back in 2008. If you invested say £35k in new machinery for shoe repairs or £35k in key cutting machinery (Triax + Unocode) i can guarantee the second will make you the most money in a lot quicker time and you will still be operating for many years to come and employ more people.
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    Marketing Companies

    We are just starting to experiment with a local marketing company. In particular, to assist with blogging content for our website. At the end of the day, I do a lot of social media posting but I'm not a professional, it's not my skill. So I'm going to try for a couple of months producing extra content in addition and then I'll examine the results and decide if it was worth the extra cost. I know that the blog posts already written and much more professional looking tha anything I can do myself. We recently had our website rebuilt too. I'm already getting more enquiries. However, I won't commit large amounts over long periods until I am convinced of the results. I have also managed to secure 12 hours of government funded marketing support from professionals by talking to Business Growth Hub. This is in addition to about 4.5 hours with a business consultant also provided for free. If it's free, take it and use it!
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    Key identify please

    Electric Cupboard key...........
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    Please keep this topic civil or it will be locked. Cheers. Rick.
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    Hope this helps , i didn't remove the switch.
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    Mick Friend

    Jury Service

    I wont stop you stop the brain stops, the bowel and urine control go and you end up smelling of piss and shit and have no idea why. so work until you drop
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    Quiet today

    I charge for opening and closing watches too. They buy a card of batteries from Poundland then come in expecting you to open and put their cheap batteries in for nothing. Chase yourself pal.
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    Help! Timpsons level one!

    I aint that far behind you gray the only time I get bored is with the flaming handbag repairs ,oh and cleaning the no nails off diy jobs that they try themselves ,as for timpsons level one exam ,if we are all honest about it how many of us would accept it as a benchmark for hiring them ,would not mind betting most of us would use it as a starting point and then change what he has been tought
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    Forest Cobbler

    LaserKey reference

    Well I did say it wasn't up to date. 747 added MINIT COMPARISON.pdf
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    Count Muppet

    Very Cold Down here -7

    Didn’t realise you were In Llandudno. I just checked to see where your shop is and I’ve walked past it so many times without knowing it was there. id have dropped you off a cup of tea if I’d known
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    Hi Everybody. I'm doing fine here at the global HQ of the SOMSR organisation ( one day a week in Leeds and as much coffee as I can drink). Since I have been here I have had three enquiries from individuals (who would probably prefer not to go down the penal servitude route) to learn more about the trade. What seems to be the norm is that they are willing to pay for training and possibly also prepared to travel to get it. The going rate appears to be around 100 pounds per day. I'm not sure of the H&S and liability requirements but I will see what can find out. I would imagine that whoever gives the training would have to formulate a program and timetable to ensure that the trainee reaches their target efficiently and effectively. I know you can't train someone fully in the mysterious art of shoe repairing in a few simple steps so it might be that an introductory course over a couple of days with a follow up masterclass might be good.
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    Classic car key to code

    good lad Graham im just in shop now, Rick yer sorted carry on!
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    ironplanet uk900


    Almost finished bag.
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    ironplanet uk900


    Thinking of retiring into my home workshop.... love it in there! VID_361560219_084605_947.mp4
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    Broms Cobb

    prepare for brexit

    it's all a stitch up! just vote Brexitt party get rid of them all
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    All too common these days. It makes you wonder if we all get tarred with the same brush, and people don't bother with shoe repairs as much because of their high prices and dire quality.
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    just an update on this! Signet emailed me saying this key suite belongs to Instock Hardware. Contacted Instock Hardware, they can do the key (not blanks) , the price of a key not too bad but £9 carriage cost is ridiculous. Customer willing to pay so I ordered 2 keys.
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    Mick Friend

    3D Closed

    I think we use the same provider and we have had 2 days of their servers being down - I got 230 e-mails during the night so maybe fixed - although 2 were from the CIA who have me on a peado raid list and if I pay the sender 1000 bitcoins he will remove my name.......... I don't even swim!
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    I have a friend less than 1/4 mile from me and he is CHEAP (stupidly cheap in fact) i have considered ditching all my gear and getting him to do shoe repairs for me. This week i have taken nearly £4500 + whatever i take today and less than £200 of that was on shoe repairs. Key cutting and Lock sales are just escalating for me at the moment and that is where the money and profit lies. BUT my dad started his working life as a shoe repairer and that still holds a historical part of our business and why we are still trading so i am loathed to get rid of the equipment plus the dismantling of the shop and shop front to get it all out but i think it might be the way forward in the long run for me.
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    Let’s see your pictures

    Not a repair but my biggest ever order just came through for 5600 padlocks keyed alike in colours 42,347.20 + vat.
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    Key ID Required

    Hook 2012...ilco/hd = 1527 Quantity Pricing: HD = 1527 XH772 make SNAP ON
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