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    Count Muppet

    Let’s see your pictures

    Nothing fancy, just a general job. I’m not very artistic so I’m no good with all the painting and nailing. I don’t get to do too many leathers these days. It’s all PVC where I am.
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    Google Review

    Someone left me a 5 star review. I feel genuinely touched. Sometimes just the smallest of things make the effort all worthwhile. "Tiny shop with a big heart, helpfull staff."
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    Our esteemed member. Graham Parker has deservedly won. Second place was Rapidlocks. The common theme amongst most of those who voted was that both Graham and Rapidlocks were always keen to help others and for their knowledge which they freely share. Well done and keep up the good work, fellas. Rick.
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    I don’t take many pictures, but here’s a couple of recent long soles
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    Window Key ID

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    New Moderator

    Forum member Ababa has now become a moderator - please bear with him whilst he gets used to the moderating side of things. Welcome aboard, Ababa. Rick.
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    Hi Technical Tony / Davenport, Ive been looking at your previous posts. You seem to be a member of Davenports? Your last posts on here were on October 2018 and your reply above is so generic, its unreal. If you want to provide people with technical support (as your username would suggest) may i suggest you frequent more regularly and actually try to help people rather than snowball generic replies, once in a blue moon.... to old threads; subtly pushing your products. I know they wont as they want to create an unbiased platform, but if i was the owner of this forum, i would ban you in a second for blatant advertising with no genuine intent to assist. Just my two cents...
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    Mick Friend

    Help! Timpsons level one!

    I don't see the need to do that -everyone is entitled to an opinion even if other don't agree- We all see Timpson and other like him as a thread to feeding our families, but it isn't the geezer trying to earn a crust and takes a job with them - He will learn and move on. Many big companies sh** on us, ASSA ABLOY competing with locksmiths for big contracts - Salto going direct - Glasses by post - everyman and his furry friend trying to screw you from the PM down to the lad who delivers the papers - I'm a grumpy git if I never saw another human till I die - perfect.
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    Help! Timpsons level one!

    I’ve got some good friends at Timpsons, individuals aren’t “the enemy”, they’re just regular guys who got a job with the biggest chain. Like it or not, most young people wouldn’t be getting into the trade if Timpson didn’t exist. So rather than bashing the competition and either putting off a new and enthusiastic cobbler, or making him think the Independents are a bunch of self righteous areholes, why don’t we give him some advice like the forum was made for? @Thepork19 is there anything you’re actually struggling with?
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    Fast Fix Elgin

    Help! Timpsons level one!

    To reduce the gamble even more you could paint the future shop burgundy and call it Simpsons
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    Very Cold Down here -7

    Just approaching St Marrten on a cruise ship it’s a chilly 22’c but it is only 6.20am.
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    Well deserved both you guys. I personally have had plenty assistance from you as well as Rick and always appreciate your help. Worth mentioning that there are many other helpful members in this forum,and all together make this forum an incredible trade forum to be a member of.
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    I only juts fit that category. Thanks for all who voted for me it means a lot.
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    Mick Friend

    Christmas Quiz Time!!!

    Thanks rick - give it to the charity they need it more than me
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    I just downloaded a pirate copy of the Bohemian Rhapsody movie. The quality is crap. I can only see a little silhouette of a man.
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    x minit uk

    Let’s see your pictures

    Proud of my customers.
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    Can anyone supply this?

    £6 for a key and your customer won't pay? is your customer worth helping?
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    Help! Timpsons level one!

    No need for that mate, I understand your opinion, I just think it’s a bit harsh of us taking it out on a young guy who just wants to pass his exams because he is excited about the trade
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    Help! Timpsons level one!

    And that's the start of the new shoe repair manual on how to put someone at ease when they are already nervous I'm sure you will be ok and welcome to the forum
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    Help! Timpsons level one!

    Got any particular questions that we could help you with? No offence to your employer but the majority on here are well trained in their craft compared to the modern Timpson way . The good folk here are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and will help you if you ask the right questions. Don't ever be too proud or afraid to ask - you don't learn by keeping quiet. Welcome to the forum. Rick.
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    x minit uk

    Help! Timpsons level one!

    Tell us what you have to do to pass level one and we may be able to assist.
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    Unless he’s a pirate. He could have that shoe done and a new walking stick ferrule for his peg leg
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    cowers lane 583

    SANJIN key

    Hope I'm not coming across as someone who is "teaching "grandma how to suck eggs". But, it's great when a customer comes in with a postbox key branded L & F, or Renz. You know, quick look in the books, key ided, and ordered if necessary .But when a customer comes in with a cheap Chinese one, and you think" I'll check the book, but I'm sure bloody Pingpong industries isn't there! This is how I've dealt with these situations. I've ordered in a fairly wide selection of key blanks, all the most popular, and divided them into right and left handed. Fairly quick comparison of either the right or left keys to the Chinese blank, find the closest one. So far hasn't let me down in the past 18 or so months. Keep notes, had to order these blanks by the 2/5. So I charge £6 a key, two for £10. If anyone thinks I've got some blanks in my postbox range missing,I would love to know.
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    Key ID Required

    Shut up you big girl. Do you think there is going to be a sudden rush of punters wanting Snap On keys? ......
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    x minit uk

    Let’s see your pictures

    New zip