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    Little Smith & Locke cam lock key

    This is you, Rick, just casually, no fanfare, throwing out a piece of totally helpful genius. Thanks.
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    Mick Friend

    Keys to be obsolete part two.

    exactly that or the bug to allow developers to get in via a back door is discovered by crooksRus I would not have anything electrical as my security on a door -AND I FIT door access control for the bewildered and disabled
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    just starting off do your research ask the people who have been doing it for years, dont know THM but if they sold you four boards of keys and theres no 1As id be dumping them!! all the names above will guide you. carry on!
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    Double bit safe blank

    Kromer http://www.safespares.co.uk/product/kromer-solid-keyblank-small/