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    Electric wheelchair key ID

    There are 8 different keys for mobility scooters that I'm aware of and I keep one of each in stock. The key Toorex posted is one key that will do the full range of scooters made by a particular firm - they come in different head shapes, some have a black plastic cap that gets in the way when you're trying to cut therm, hence me having them already cut, in stock. Hope this helps. Rick.
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    Electric wheelchair key ID

    Hook 3337: 1531 XH1223 JD I-1531 CYL BLK 4 PIN ESP JD APEM JMA ESP1
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    Some time ago I had a moan about the fact Glenway put 100 trophy plates in a box and charged £7.99 carriage when they could have gone in a jiffy bag. Tim picked it up on it and thought it was ridiculous. Just ordered 100 more. Guess what?
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    Renovating Light Tan Shoes

    I wash mine in soapy water , scrub lightly with cloth or sponge , rinse and let dry, then use a light/medium tan jar polish and they come up a treat , you’d have to be careful because of the suede. I do it with customers Sweeneys, barkers etc all work well.
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    Yes and Swatkins. They have just made an odd sized silver plinth band for me to a customers spec. Cracking job.