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    How my lifes changed!

    How my life has changed in the past few years!' We've just published the first of 4 programs on YouTube (Sunday 6pm), featuring local cyclists (myself included week 4) Its amazing the response we've had at the local level, a great piece of marketing. Given the internet never existed when I started my journey as a cobbler, it still seems bizarre to me the growth I've achieved in the last 4 years by doing bike repairs during a quiet period. I'm now flat out morning noon & night! & bikes account for the majority of my turnover through the Spring/Summer & early Autumn period. Anyway we brought a load of lights (We, being my Son & I) a fancy camera & a macbook & a few thousand pound later we put this together!
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    key help

    super, this forum rocks, just ordered some from jma. Thanks
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    Alternative key

    also less work than the Dat blanks as No tip - to CHOP off plug- barrel can be removed from front - grind around the cap - rim edge if unsure of code or not known as many are not stamped - making keys ! cheers ringo
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    Ongoing problem.Raised this issue with T Colledge & Son of Bristol.Was informed that they have tried numerous sources of supply and have found them all to be lacking in accuracy of guage.Ie, they order 6 guage but when checked with a locksmith pin/pipe guage they are found to be 6.5 guage.Attitude of key manufacturers does leave a lot to be desired on this problem.Able to use a Guardian 6 guage(which is a 6 guage) to extricate myself out of some situations but as still got some limitations.Any successful supplier/stockist information would be appreciated.