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    Never replaced a tracer. Check alignment on a regular basis to allow for slight blade wear.
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    Henderson T handle

    It's always there Rick but sometimes it is really hard to find.
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    Only ever replaced one tracer once on my Rekord plus but it had cut well over 200,000 keys.
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    I have never replaced a tracer on any mortice/cylinder machine in 38 years
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    Henderson T handle

    It didnt come up on the JMA software till I put the blank in though the blank is on the keyboard as henderson the blank is a union blank.
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    Henderson T handle

    JMA un-fp cutting code on multicode is fie 49 biting 13221
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    We have used this company and we were pleased with the service and quality CRYSTALFIT JR Centre 2A East St Bromley BR1 1QX www.crystalfit.co.uk OR CrystalFit PO Box 612 Sevenoaks TN13 9TP Hope this is helpful
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    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    It does all of the Paxton fobs, Blue, Yellow, Green and Red. There is a Black Ringed Fob that it can't copy but I've only ever seen one of these so far. A grey Ring Fob that is can't copy but this can be copied on the Smartcard Deluxe as it is an EM Fob. THere is another company called PAC GDX That use a Paxton type fob which cant be copied but the copier will notify you if the fob is a PAC GDX Fob.