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    Bayonet!!! Bayonet!!! they don't like it upem mr Mannering!
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    Dimple key

    Silca WJ1R.
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    Dimple key

    Looks like Hooply
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    Dog Tags

    The obvious line here is "Business is Business" if you don't someone else will - yes look after your mate but if you invest in a good machine you will be amazed at how much business you will create, if you do not someone else will - Mr t is opening everywhere hey also do engraving
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    Computerised Key Cutting Machines

    We cut a lot of keys to code for the technical department of town. They have this awesome guy that can even recognize most common key blanks. They come in once or twice a week with a list of codes. Schools seem to need a lot of keys cut to code just before the start of the school year. We get quite a few roof racks and trailer hitches. Most use the LF12 blank and have a code on it. A lot of garages and dealerships come to us to get car keys cut. They order the blanks from their brand and get them code cut. It's faster like that. Making a key to a lock is so much easier if you can cut it to depths. No more fiddling to clamp a broken key in your machine. The software lets you find an unknown key blank by looking up the code. And of course , master key systems.
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    Stanley Mishap

    Cobblers to depression

    A quick update on the depression/stopping all engraving situation I`m now 4 months in with this (including Christmas) ....and its hardly made any difference with monthly takings .... I now come through the door and know that the biggest problem I`m gonna face that day is repairs and keys ! feeling so much better now ,and even the family notice the change .....My god I wish I`d done it years ago .... Cheers all !
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    Chris Belcher - Critically ill

    chris is an undeniable genius , but to me he is far far more than this , he is a mentor , an inspiration and has been a father figure in many ways throughout my career and someone im proud to have as a friend , i dont think ive ever met a more humble , generous , kind and moral person . The industry will have lost a legend , though his legacy will live on , of that im sure. genius like chris dont come along too often , im honoured that he had such an influence on my career , i will miss his genius but not as much as i will miss his friendship , humour and passion .