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    I voted in in the 70s when it was a common market, and voted out when it was a political monster. I would still vote out. You cannot put a price on freedom. I think if we manage to extract ourselves from europe with out too much damage then that would start a mass leaving, and poossibly a new common market as leaving countrys join with us. The fedralists in europe fear a return to a common market ( or a loss of there power and money ) and will do all they can to damage us, to prevent others following.
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    Out and Stay out.
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    Shaving soap/razor blades

    They don't. But thank you!
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    x minit uk


    Out .
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    cowers lane 583


    England and wales voted out as a majority, Northern Ireland and Scotland voted to stay in as a majority. I would just add I am surprised that a fairly slim 52/48% majority vote, is leading to a break from the EU. I'd thought they would have wanted a much clearer mandate to do it.
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    cowers lane 583


    I voted out, would vote out tomorrow. Brexit is far more difficult than I expected, because the European union has been well and truly incorporated into our infrastructure, far more than I imagined. What is meant to be a trading relationship was gradually turning into a political union. I've no doubt it would have got worse . I hope and expect Europe and the UK to have a healthy and strong relationship in the future.
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    just donated due to sale of 20 keys as I agreed to £5 + gift aid
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    Round handle key I.D.

    that appears to be a Sandusky lock or an aftermarket copy sorry forgot key blank it appears to be single sided and has stepped master wafers best as I can tell from the photo, but could maybe be a double sided convenience key http://www.sanduskycabinets.com/products.php?action=viewcat&catid=all&sidebarcat=90
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    Embracing change

    I think it was a tongue in cheek remark Count.
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    I agree completely with CitySafe, especially since Lottie has personally contacted me regarding the original post and subsequent donation Welcome to the Forum, Lottie. Rick.
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    Hi, The donation before advertising for new members was only brought in on Friday, about a week after you made your post Lottie. There have been many people do the same thing in the past, and as far as I am concerned you have done nothing wrong. The new rules have not been brought in specifically because of your post, but because we are noticing more and more people creating an account to try and sell their stuff for free. They then promise a donation to the charity once they sell their items, but it is not donated and we never hear from them again... something which is beginning to irritate long term members of the forum and hence the introduction of the new rules. Lottie has now made a generous donation to the Jimmy Mizen charity, and we should all draw a line in the sand and move on. I wish you all the best Lottie and I do hope you sell all of your locksmith equipment and get your situation resolved.