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    These machines are doing more

    Do you reckon one day you will be able to put your head in a machine to get a hair cut
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    I had similar trouble with the ZOO cylinder blanks a few months ago. Tried a few different blanks before ordering genuine ZOO blanks that seemed to solve the problem
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    Happy Dude

    These machines are doing more

    They took the one out of the asda closest to me and the staff point folk in my direction, I think they were fed up with the complaints. The sainsburys along from me have a Johnsons cutting keys but only 1 or 2 in there know what to do and the others send them to me for anything other than a straight yale. The only thing is the hagglers, "£10 for three keys in asda" why are you in here then?? "I got them and they did not work" Mine are £10 for three keys that don't work, £13.50 for three at actually will work.
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