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    Silca EKC

    Has anyone come to use the EKC today? It's changed. I stored all my keys by hook number on there and although they are still there when you search for a key the hook number doesn't come up anymore. It tells you it's in your collections but you have to go through the whole lot to find it.....Unless anyone knows different. On the old one if I had an empty hook I could type in the hook number to see what key should be there. I can't search by hook number any more. ....I'm not moaning a bit I'm just moaning a lot.
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    x minit uk

    fishy watches

    I’d never suck my customers fingers, yuk.
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    Evva eps

    Best thing is ring aldridge and press option 3. Give them the plan number which will start with EA if EPS (ends with EA if DPS) and they will tell you who they are registered to or if not registered you can order off them. For ASSA keys I ring ASSA direct on ‭020 8688 5191‬ and give them the plan number and they tell you instantly who it’s registerd to. Sometimes it’s easier to make a quick call and give the customer the details. Only takes a minute but the customer normally remembers when you’ve helped them out for free and returns in the future.
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    Evva eps

    I realised that, i get lots of Assa keys in and ring Keyprint or e-mail them they then point me in the direction of the correct stockist so i can give this information to my customer or order them myself if possible making a small profit from the job.
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    Urgent Mortice Key ID assistance

    Thanks All for your assistance.. The correct blank was HD B602/2 as suggested by Micheal. The problem was, I had the SL stamped blanks in stock and they were different as the Groove (Shaft) was wider but surprisingly the HD B602/2 which supposed to be the same blank the Groove (Shaft) was exactly same as customer's original key. All done and dusted now! many thanks to Micheal Graham.
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    For Sale Silca Futura

    jeezo i hope they make a donation in this heat Rick will burst a blood vessel or 2 carry on!
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    Count Muppet

    mvp pro

    I think you may have read that wrong. My understanding, although I may be wrong myself is.... the trade in price for a machine over 12 months is the machine plus £2150+vat meaning you will be paying around £4150+vat for the smart pro, but to buy one new is £3200+vat. The main advantage of buying this machine is the 70 tokens and the possibility of more than doubling your investment ( if charging costs + £60 profit ) whilst testing the market to see if it’s worth upgrading and also having a machine with a reasonably healthy re-sale value due to the trade in deal.
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    fishy watches

    The bloke I have working with me part time would do that then eat a bag of crisps and suck his fingers afterwords
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    cowers lane 583

    fishy watches

    Good brushing removes most. Can definitely be a bit sickening. Maybe he bought His fish smelling watch to you because of your name, soles'n'eels ?! Lol.
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    Chris @ IKS

    Davenport Burgess ER6

    We are having all sorts of negative feedback on Era blanks of all makes at the moment. We have customers who specifically ask for any make but JMA 'because they don't work', the very next phone call will be someone specifically asking for JMA as 'the Silca ones don't work'. We have never stocked HD in Era profiles but sounds like there are issues there too! Is the common denominator here the Era lock?
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    Asec Vital Euro cylinders

    We had one exactly the same today just on one side though. First one mind and we’ve sold plenty.