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    HPC Blitz

    id guess at Kent
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    It wasn't you mate it was Tom D who got offensive.
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    Gluing Vibram soles On Doc Martens

    I don't remember being offensive to anyone, if I have offended anyone I apologise, I just don't believe fitting a pair of Vibram units to a D.M.upper is a very good D.I.Y project. If the D.M. have little value then by all means give it a go. My advice remains the same, if you value your D.M. then seek expert help.
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    I’ll hold my hands up then I’m saying 5050 won’t work. I’ve not used it for a long time now. Although it’s not going to be the easiest glue on a DIY job Curse those PayPal sellers, just like the eBay lot
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    Gluing Vibram soles On Doc Martens

    Iam not a cobbler and so cant help you with the docs, but I can tell you that abusive responses are not normal on this forum. I hope the responce you received has not put you off visiting again.