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    Cleaning glue off stuff Graham. Good for startng the coverings off engraving plates too. Saves you nails. lol...Do you want some?
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    X T post box key

    Try a Silca LF19
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    Lynx power unit

    The way the magazine is produced has changed slightly and the company are launching a CE magazine website, I will get the details and let you know but think it may be waiting for a couple of changes before launch
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    SKS prices

    LOL Graham. What length are your keyboard hooks? I fill the hooks up & keep the rest in the boxes they came in or plastic wall storage boxes.
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    cowers lane 583

    SKS prices

    I thinned the hook, but I also I found that this key the hole was too small irregardless of the brand. I never send faulty keys back, not worth the effort or expense, just don't order again that particular key from that particular manufacturer. This applies to any of the main suppliers.
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    SKS prices

    I've had what I think is a bad batch of Guardian mortice keys from SKS - the bits seem to be welded on in the wrong spot - leading to an asymmetrical duplication of the cut. I haven't told SKS because other times when I've tried to raise the issue I've got nowhere. Like another problem whereby the SKS branded ERA 3 lever RH keys don't fit onto the SKS hooks! I have to get my drill out and ream the hole a bit bigger. Mentioned it to SKS over a year ago - problem persists to date.