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    cowers lane 583

    Description please

    Customer came in for a pair of shoes, but had lost the repair receipt. "OK, could I have your name and a brief description!" I asked. She gave me her name and said. " pink and in a plastic bag" Thinking of what shoes were available I was puzzled, then realized, "I'm sorry , have you just described the repair receipt to me?" " Yes, the shoes were brown sandals."
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    Description please

    The one that's bugging me at the moment that I'm constantly getting.... "Can I have some laces please?" "Yes, what length would you like?" "Don't know!!" "How many holes down one side?" "Don't know!!" WHY WOULD ANYONE GO OUT TO BUY LACES WITHOUT MEASURING THE OLD ONES OR HAVING THE SLIGHTEST CLUE TO WHAT LENGTH THEY NEED!!! Honestly, it drives me batty, I end shrugging my shoulders and saying " well if you don't know then I've got no chance!!"
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    Blue soles and heels

    Result. Thank you Dan
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    Description please

    And I thought I was bad with shades of polish
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    cowers lane 583

    Description please

    First world problem, customer comes in for a pair of 75cm brown laces. I show her them, at that time I had 8 different shades of brown in 75cm . None were exactly what she wanted.
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    Privacy Policy

    As part of the GDPR update excercise, we at Standard have commenced an internal audit of our procedures and as part of this excercise have updated our Privacy Policy on our Website. For anyone that is interested or wants to check it, please find it here: http://www.standardgroup.co.uk/privacy-policy Keith
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    Description please

    We just pick a random pack usually 100cm chorded and sell them. We then say measure the old ones and check size before open the packet as we will replace or swap if the pack is unopened. Hardly anyone brings any back.
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    Blue soles and heels

    Im guessing that the Dainite ones fit the bill. If you are interested in the job please let me have your contact phone number and i will put the lady who enquired in touch with you. They are her son’s shoes. Thanks
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    Westfalia Code? 3****

    The couple I have seen were DOM locks. blank JMA DOM-1D and yes codes are on InstaCode
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    White metal zip

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    Lynx power unit

    I couldn't find a Lynx Power Unit for sale at all the Lynx is now obsolete anyway, just a few consumables like brushes and cutters available.
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    Problem with Trs5000

    Ian, when you insert the customers key & press Read, the machine will tell you to copy to a TPX2 chip. When the screen changes & tells you to insert the TPX2 chip & press Copy, you remove the customers key & insert your TPX2 chip & then press Copy. The cross then moves across the screen as the new chip is being programmed. You should never press Copy when the customers key is in the TRS5000 when cloning a Texas chip.