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  2. Hello, Here is the list of: Best Shoes for Disc Golf. Thanks Dave Alce
  3. Using wax can shine also make water proof your shoe.
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  5. Not sure about lucky, it will only just cover the wife’s housekeeping for a month.
  6. Hope you get well soon Martin. I live close by and if you need any assistance with shopping or anything else please let me know .
  7. not overly sure I will make it to the end so much to pay out nothing coming in - no gov support
  8. shishkebabs Martin best wishes hope her indoors is well- keep breathing you know it makes sense
  9. The 10k has now been paid into my bank account.
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  11. @grahamparker get through this, hope it doesn't get worse
  12. get well soon gray , i feel for you , im on day 4 of self isolation having started friday with the high temperature , then lower abdomen pain , temperature fatigue and head aches and breathlessness all over weekend , today feeling alot better bar the fatigue and breathlessness , if this is it then thus far ive had it very mild compared to others . for the 10 days to 2 weeks previously i was covering just emergencies , still got unlucky. having only had mild symptons compared to some meant it was managable , but other than the symptons and the fatigue , by far the worst for me was and is the not knowing , with no testing available , you self isolate , you dont know if you have it or something else , if the virus if it will be mild , severe or lethal , once you have the symptons all you can do is sit and wait to see what transpires , for me this has been the worst part of it , isolation isnt hard as you really dont want to go anywhere as even walking up the stairs renders you breathless . to all still covering jobs , id say the risk is just not worth it , the odds on roulette are better , and once you have symptons you have to sit and wait to see if lucky or not , id seriously think twice before going out on any non essential trip. im hoping im over worse and theres no sting in the tail , take care graham , plenty of rest , plenty of fluids and vitamins .
  13. holy shit Gray hope you feel better soonest - would you do an update from time to time for us so we know your Ok and we can judge how were doing if we luck out- I have self isolated but at my seaside house 50% are holiday lets 30% old folks staying in and the other all work, got the beach to myself- So be strong my friend and love to her indoors xxx
  14. Sorry to hear that Graham. Hope you both get well very soon.
  15. Hope you and your wife are feeling better soon.
  16. Hope you both get better soon
  17. Get well soon to you and the wife.
  18. Yep. I echo that Graham. all the very best for you and your wife's recovery. People, this shit is real !! Follow government advice, wash your hands and look after yourselves both for your mental and you physical well being
  19. Sry to hear that Graham, hope you & the wife get well soon
  20. So it looks highly likely me and the Wife have actually got the Corona virus and it's bloody awful. Had to get paramedics out to the wife yesterday she could not breathe very well and her complete body is in so much pain she was crying most of the day. I have had normal flu symptoms but with severe lower back pain (thought it was my kidneys haveing problems) and really blinding headaches The paramedics have no testing gear even though my wife is a District nurse and they said if here breathing gets worse to call 999 so far today her breathing is better. Today we have lost all sense of taste and smell so we believe we are 99% certain we have the virus, i believe we picked it up on the plane back from Egypt 3 weeks ago as there was an elderly male sat to my left who coughed non stop all the way though the flight home, but the wife did carry out CPR on an elderly cancer patient in a Nursing home and she thinks this is more likely the source. It leaves you with no energy, loss of appetite and even the thought of eating becomes a chore (might lose some weight with a bit of luck). Breathing for me has been ok but the headaches are immense and some of the worst we have both ever had. We have been really lucky we self isolated at the right time and have not come into contact with anyone else other than our Son who seems perfectly ok at the minute. So please stay safe, wash your hands and look after yourself, i did mention weeks ago i wanted to get the virus to get it out of the way and in that respect i am pleased we have but suffering as we have i think i would now give that thought the elbow and prefer not to have had it. There is still the possibility we could just have normal flu but this is by far the worst i have ever felt in my Adult life.
  21. Sorted locally but thanks very much for the offer.
  22. I’ve had my remittance email from the council saying my 10k should be paid in on the 1st of April.
  23. The flip side I am taking is there's no penalty for deferring so I am squirrelling the money to one side as an "in case it goes on too long" fund ready to pay as soon as it's over.
  24. Same here, I will be paying mine soon, before I waste it on bog rolls.
  25. Last week
  26. the fact it still needs paying i will be paying on time , defering is pointless if you have funds to pay it .
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