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  3. Ironic, considering most of the country is preparing to celebrate the arrival of another JC...
  4. You can naver go wrong with rapidlocks advice.
  5. It’s ok I have one I bought it very expensive and the box that you buy separate that hours under the machine is Bluetooth connection so no wiring it will be connected to your (android) phone via Bluetooth but still need internet and to go to the car or tech the customer what to do once they reach the car. It’s easy customer can do it also. The chips are expensive and Davenport just made them more expensive.
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  7. Thank you Peter will do that next time on my day off. Much appreciated.
  8. It's not possible to tell from these photos, would need pictures of the plates on one of the motors with pictures of the motors themselves
  9. to lose your friends over your enemies (politicians) is unwise to put it mildly.. oh and good result in scotland..lol
  10. Pimlico. I've always thought politics and social media are a bad mix , and I should just point out the first bloke wasn't pro-tory, more anti-Corbyn. I'm sure It'll all blow over. We are men after all. And we've got the big Christmas knees up next week.
  11. https://www.fastkeys.co.uk/key-search-result/SNAP-ON/Y001-Y500/920/y186
  12. Which walking football team do you play for.?
  13. Can anyone cut a Snap-On key, code Y186? Cheers. Rick.
  14. Best thing about all this.......We won't have to listen to that idiot Steve (STOP BREXIT) Bray anymore.
  15. I was thinking if I send the question as public then it might help others in future. Thank you
  16. Problem was when he said that he did not have a majority and other party's would have blocked any deal no matter how good it was. Look how the speaker acted and how quickly it ended up in court. Personally i hope there is a way he can know possibly bring back no deal to the table in a bid to get a much better deal or as i (and most people who i have spoken to) would prefer NO DEAL.
  17. So Bojo has been handed his mandate to get it done will we be out of EU come the end of next month (thinking of the dead in the ditch remark) carry on!
  18. in the last couple of years I've spent so much on stock, refitting & signage I plan to reap next year & spend some money at home instead. Lee
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