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  2. dvd diagnostics


  3. Just switch to 6092 - been using it over 20 years and very rarely get any issues. Rick.
  4. I’m aware this has been discussed many times, but I still can’t find a definitive answer. I’ve spoken directly with Renia about what product to use to thin the colle de cologne as even a brand new tin is too thick for what I need it for. They suggested their dehsol but it’s a solvent not a thinner. Some people suggested acetone others suggested tec I’m happy with the overall results of the product (I mainly glue rubber soles to suede uppers)and had enough of messing around with trying different contact adhesives. Sorry for the waffle but is there a generally agreed product that works consistently to thin down Renia col de cologne? Same question for bostik 50/50 Thank you in advance for help with this.
  5. Thanks for the information. Where do you get originals from please?
  6. This is the one.. Thanks EST
  7. The Yale masterkeying department can also make these from the code, I believe.
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  9. eimco

    Key Boards

    These are our boards. There Silca boards that are about 15 years old. They have had many colours and refreshed many times. We sand off the old paint and re paint them the colour we want. The green backing is a plastic sheet cut to size. The black backing on the key tags is just heavy black paper from an Art and Hobby shop with a sliver pen to put the ref number on it. We made everything in house apart from the backing.
  10. ironplanet uk900

    Watch strap replacement

    you can buy replacements
  11. keySolutions

    ABUS Bike lock Key ID please

    Rick, that's not it. I don't know if there is a Silca blank available for it, we use original Abus for these. - Edit: i stand corrected Börkey has the 1940P for these.
  12. Marcsmusings

    Mobility Scooter Key

    Thank you to everyone for their help with this key I ended up cutting it off a PT035, Davenport code (also a special thank to kobblers who supplied me with a set of pre-cut blanks for some other mobility scooters going forward)
  13. Thanks Graham, I cut one on YA86/BS1 and customer will come back on Monday if it has not worked, then I will get the one from you. As always thanks for your assistance.
  14. grahamparker

    Yale Security Key ID please

    Depends on the Profile. https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/YAKWP-KEYWAY-PANEL-YALE/P131982#/#substitutions One of these will help i think i may have a spare one i can sell you. There is also the BY series which has the master BS1R. https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/BS1R-YALE-PASS-SECTION-BY/P129233
  15. Forest Cobbler

    Key Boards

    The sliding boards on our Flexam key bench are a bit like metal pegboards because you can move the hooks. We print our own dymo labels with JMA and Silca codes on and have recently started putting them onto thin magnetic squares making them even easier to re-arrange when necessary. If you recover your solid boards I wouldn't bother with the graphics, just invest in a decent label machine and print whichever company's codes that you use, then you can easily take off whatever has dropped out of use and replace it with something new.
  16. Is it this? http://www.charlesbirch.com/p-14294-silca-ab82rap-abus-for-anti-theft-devices.aspx From what I can see in Instacode, it offers the bitting but only mentions original blanks. Rick.
  17. Is YA86 correct blank for this key or it is a districted Yale section key. Thanks for assistance in advance
  18. Are blanks available for this key or can they be copied to code. Any information much appreciated!
  19. Michael


    Charles Birch or MrFixit Wholesale for me.
  20. etchandscratch


    Hi everyone can I ask where everyone gets there skillet boxes from please?

    Personal help

    i had this from standing constantly while working as a doorman for 18 years(although i wasnt stood for the full 18 years,i did sleep & sit in between shifts...)i bought special plantar heel insoles from Boots for about £15 a pair & swap into each pair of shoes/boots about 4 years ago & never had a problem since.

    ERA key

    i had problems with the ER1 & ER2 blanks from SKS,all seemed too thick to go into the locks.i got some SILCA blanks from Birch & never had a problem since. weirdly enough,over 2 days i've had several ERA (SKS #615/02) returned by different customers saying they wont go into the locks.
  23. Simes

    Key Boards

    That's kind of what I was thinking. I was wondering if this is an expensive thing to get done as I would want the graphics professionally printed, so I wondered if anyone had done it before? I reckon I could get down to 10 boards easily. Currently using 13. However, when you look at Silca or JMA boards they don't have a list of the key blanks. I can't afford to waste space if half of the keys are not used in my area. On my Davenport I reckon out of the 400 spaces the maximum I need is 250 spaces (50 of them are keys that are on an extra blank board! I bought these boards ten years ago with 2 of each on and there are still many spaces with the original two blanks still sitting there! I work in a mobile unit so space is at a premium!
  24. Count Muppet

    Key Boards

    I think you could probably use the same boards but cover them with vinyl and use stickers for new keys instead of buying complete new boards. Take off all the less used stock and update it with more popular ones
  25. Has anyone come up with any great ideas for saving wall space for key boards? I have the Davenport Sliding boards but need to try and save more space. I'm aware that many of the keys on these boards are rarely if ever used so I probably need to update them. Has anyone made up there own and branded them with there own business? Any help appreciated.
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