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Hi there

I am just starting key cutting and need some help

can  anyone tell me the top 10 cylinder blanks and the top 10 mortice blanks please.

I have bought 4 starter boards from THM with what they say are the most asked for blanks

but the board does not even contain a peg for a YALE1A blank let alone the blank itself

research tells me that the 1A is very popular so have i got the wrong starter boards ?

please help if you can

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Popularity could vary from location to location. Not having 1A is a fairly bad start. You might have been better buying your boards from a more recognised source, like SKS or Davenport.

Here's mine with JMA codes

U5D , 1A, U6D, Ya79D, Tx3D, asec1, Er2D, Er1d, un11, Carlf.

373, 436, 346 360 353 463 559 571 334 335

You can buy empty boards, and get yourself some reference books. For key comparison cross reference and blank recognition 

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19 hours ago, Broms Cobb said:

I can help you with the  right prices too pm me and I can send you the lists

Hi my email is steveudall1974@yahoo.co.uk

I am just about to place a large order for the blanks i think i need

but if you can help on price and advise i am listening.

Please feel free to email me with lists and prices

kind regards GASEHOUND.

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