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Hoppe Locks & Key ??

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Howdy Folks from across the pond,

A locksmith in New York is inquiring about some what I think are Hoppe locks per his photos showing the logo on the lever handle

He is trying to  determine key way / key  blank, and space & depth and the codes if they are available,

1 photo close up of his cylinder in lever with code with Hoppe logo,

1 photo of his mounted lock assembly,

1 photo... I think of correct  key & cylinder I found on line...,

He is trying to determine key blank,  & a published code series if possible, or at least correct Space & Depth and key blank,

I appears to be a wafer lock similar to their window locks I think,

He is looking for code numbers,  M007, M019, M030, M031,

...I am assuming it is a Zero and not an O (oh) since Instacode shows a Silca BAS4R, with 9 cuts for these codes though it may not be the right blank or code series...

Any questions ??

Thanking You In Advance

***added better photo of logo***


Hoppe 22.jpg

Hoppe 11.jpg


Hoppe better logo.jpg

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