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Citysafe - Laser cutting machine

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I've got a silca futura, but ive learned its a good idea to purchase a secondary machine for not so straight-forward jobs... So I bought the Citysafe laser machine as it has advertised the tilting jaws...A few hundred quid cheaper than the mustang :-D  i'll fly through the Yale superiors, I thought:-D

It doesn't come with any user manual, so I'm trying to work out what's what.  I've not really used a manual laser before so it's a bit of a learning curve.

One thing I don't understand is the angled cuts...  Each jaw rotates separately, and there is no way to tell which angle each jaw is at ( I think?)...  Maybe ive been spoilt with the ease of the futura... or does anyone know how this works?  Is some sort of spirit level needed?  I've emailed citysafe, and I'm sure they will answer soon... just thought id put it out in the forum


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If you had bought the mustang both jaws pivot together and there is a guide showing how much to turn.

To be honest the Magnum and yale keys using the ABC codes you can just guess a rough angle as it isn't that important (should be 13.5) as long as they a roughly the same you should not have any issues.

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