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Equipment For Sale (Business Closure)

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Email - masterkey01@live.co.uk

Based in Southren Ireland, Will post at buyers Expense. 


Avdi Masterkey package €12,000.00

Mvp Pro (about 80-90 tokens)

Orange 5 Immo plus package €800.00

Code X lite

Tango (with Various softwares) €800.00



X100 programmer

Cn900 cloner with id60+id46 clone boxes



Key Diy Kd200

Skp,Bmw ews Programmer,T300, Carprog


Miracle A9 key machine

(Tibbe adapter, Dimple adapter, Household adapter, Sx9 and Hu66 clamps Lots of spare cutters and Decoder bits)

Chukka bay electronic cutter (Back up machine)

Silca Ford/Jaguar Tibbe machine €1000.00

Silca Delta cylinder machine

Silca Lancer mortice machine

Hurricane Laser

Lots of 2in1 lishi picks (probably 50+)

Domestic tools (Cylinder snappers, Mortice Jig, Picks, Pick Gun, Letter box tool)

Various Bench rigs + Cables

Household domestic Locks, Cylinders, Mortice, Gearboxes, Handles etc

Good selcetion of New car remote keys Genuine+Asian.

Large stock of Transponders

Keys blanks, Blades, Cases, Horesshoes etc









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4 hours ago, Auto Key Wizard said:

I find these sale topics hilarious

Composes a listing, but omits to add contact details and doesn't respond to replies in a whole month of initial listing the items

Agreed. I don't understand the mentality :shock:


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Email now added.

I do not visit the forum everyday, I have yet to clean out my van to list and price everything. Nothing has been sold yet, I have a new job in a completely new field, Please bear with me. 

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