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Tom Wright


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Hi Everyone,


I have a AD100 Pro for sale at at shockingly low price of  Â£5000. It comes complete with the following ADS Software/Cables (see below). The machine is fully updated with AD software updates. In addition, it includes many free extras and giveaways (see below  As a further incentive I am giving away an ERA Profit pin and cam system or eleven (11) vehicle training locks (VW, MIT, HON, REN, Ford,& TOY) both individually worth £200 -  free,YES FREE!


Excellent buy for a new start-you would be MAD not to consider this!!!


I need to sell this, due to family reasons, and it is now set at the lowest price I can realistically go.


Interested?  Email me at wrighttc@tiscali.co.uk, or call my Mble: 079345 57188.


A donation will be made  to the forum on a successful sale.


post-11524-0-95997200-1454493017_thumb.j post-11524-0-97214400-1454493047_thumb.j post-11524-0-21390100-1454493062_thumb.j


ADS Software Includes:


119 (Daweoo), 121(Fiat/Alpha/Lancia), 168 (Fiat/Alpha Lancia 2008), 185 (Fiat Pin Read), 100 (Ford), 133 (Ford Coded);


162 (Ford Coded 2007), 222 (Ford Coded 2014), 102 (GM), 130 (GM CanBus), 187 (GM 2012), 171 (GM 2012);


110 (Honda/Acura 2008), 166 (Honda), 118 (Hyundai/Kia), 196 (Hyundai/Kia 2012), 147 (Hyundai/Kia Canbus);


151 (Jaguar), 207 (Jaguar-Landrover 2013), 164 (L/Rover), 108 (LDV),  117 (Mitsubishi), 189 (Mitsubishi 2012),


154 (Mitsubishi CanBus), 112 (Nissan), 170 (Nissan Pin Code), 159 (Nissan Proximity/CanBus), 105 (Peugeot/Citroen);


188 ((Peugeot/Citroen 2012), 142 (Peugeot/Citroen CanBus), 104 (Renault), 180 (Renault 2011),


221 (Renault Pin Code Read), 106 (Rover Remote Programming), 127 (Subaru), 109 (Suzuki) 163 (SuzukiCanBus/Proximity),  Coplete with: Dongles; A,B,C,,D,F,G,H,J & K.


192 (Suzuki CanBus 2012), 125 (Toyota/Lexus), 150 (Toyota/Lexus), 174 (Toyota 2010), 219 (VAG 2013),


115 (VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda) 186 (VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda 2014) 146 (VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda CanBus).


ADC Cables:


The AD100 Pro comes with the following ADC cables:  250, 141 (Mazda 3 Pin), 111 (Ford 2/3 Pin), 132, 123 (early Rover 3), 113 (GM 10 Pin), 118b (early Nissan), 124 ( Rover ECU), 143 (Fiat 3 Pin), 140 (Honda 5 Pin) 117 (Subaru 9 Pin)

100 (Grey Master Cable) , 112 (VAG 2 Pin), 125 (Rover ECU 3 Pin).




ADC 116 (Diagnostic Checker), AD 35 (Transponder Coil Detector/Remote Tester).

There is 2 x Smart Cards with 500 & 250 credits respectively, and a AD103 Security Calculator.


In addition there are a  number of additional FREE giveaways which include a Safe Venture Tibbe Pick, Lishi Picks (HU100R, NE78) & decoders (VW), and some Transponders and key fobs.


Needless to say, the transfer of ownership is easily done.


Interested?  Email me at wrighttc@tiscali.co.uk, or call my Mble: 07934 557 188.


NB: Please, only get in touch if you are seriously interested!





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