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Utility crap services

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why not have a section to assist others warning of poor terrible companies who 'Lock in' for stupid length contract - and only when you try to switch for cheaper find out how impossible it is?


I will start, XLN stay away, they are not registered with ANY Ombudsman which protect you against 'overcharging etc'

XLN come across as cheaper, but being part of TalkTalk you will find they 'buy the line' thus charging substantial money if you ever want to leave, this also even if you follow there rules?

Avoid if possible AT ALL COSTS!

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I had been with XLN (4 years) until June this year with 2 lines and Broadband.


Great service problems resolved quickly and efficiantly no overcharging. No exit fees as i checked my contract before leaving.


Swapped to Virgin media as they offered 200meg broadband, phone and calls for £60 a month, no installation and first 3 months free. Wish i had stayed with XLN i am currently been threatened with court as they are now trying to charge me for the 3 months free as i don't have anything in writing.


So just goes to prove we all have good and bad to say against most utility companies out there.

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