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Women's stacked loafer heels: can these be repaired?

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These women's Bandolino stacked loafers have been nice shoes and the leather uppers are still in really good shape.  However, the top-piece/top-lift of both heels came off on the same day this past week.  Please see attached photos. 
Can these be repaired?  Is it something I could do myself?   I'm not a cobbler or shoe-repair person but I'm reasonably proficient at do-it-yourself-type stuff.  How would these be repaired?  I'm thinking that a stick-on or glue-on replacement wouldn't work very well.  Are there replacement top-pieces that are a tap-in style with prongs inserted into those four holes in each heel?  If so, where can I get them?  The heels measure 1 5/8 inches x 1 5/8 inches (or 4 cm x 4 cm).  If I should use a tap-in type replacement, do I just need to clean/ream out the four existing holes and then tap on the new top-pieces?  Maybe apply a little glue to each prong?
Thank you very much in advance for the help.  It is greatly appreciated!

1.JPGIMG_6164 (Large).JPGIMG_6165 (Large).JPGIMG_6166 (Large).JPGIMG_6168 (Large).JPGIMG_6169 (Large).JPGIMG_6167 (Large).JPGIMG_6171 (Large).JPG

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This is a classic failure old heels that have perished with age because the originals are made of plastic that shatters when you walk on them once they begin to perish.

Replacement with plugs won't be available I would plug the holes and then replace the heel with a rubber on myself, glued and then nailed in each of the plugs.

Any high street shoe repairer will do this sort of thing all day long and would probably be able to sell you heels if you really wanted to have a go yourself but personally I'd doubt you'd have half as good a finish.

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Thanks, Lee and others, for your replies.  I wouldn't have taken the time to find this website, created an account, take pictures, post the problem and the pictures if money weren't an issue.  Thanks so much, Lee, for taking the time to try and help me.  I really appreciate it! 

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