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Instacode Live - FREE Coupon / Code

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InstaCode now supply their LIVE App Direct from WH Software (Instacode) 

Here is WH Softwares Direct website - 




You can Download the app for Free on your Iphone / IPad / Tablet or Android 

what you can not do is sadly use it for Free !! 

As you can see you can pay as much or as little as you want, 

so you can have Basic house or baisc car from only £6 per month. 

This is again all direct from WH Software themselves . 


Please PM me if you would like the Coupon / Code thanks 

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I've just downloaded this but can't get the bloody thing to work properly.

It opens fine and lets me enter a code and a manufacturer and then it opens to a page which shows a blank key with question marks where the bitting numbers should be. It won't show the actual bitting codes because it wants me to add a machine which isn't on the list.

We use a Keyline Carat Quattro which is a manually operated machine

Can anyone help me to sort this out as I'm new to Instacode?

Thanks. Rick.

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I've noticed that there are some codes missing in Instacode for the Silca UNI1 MW1-MW279 series and it says "Missing codes, please help"

I have the full series of codes, how do I input them into the new Instacode LIve or who do I Inform that I have the missing codes?


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