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Decided to close up to travel, all items below have been barely used, just cut say 6 keys, oldest July 14 and the Lishi Nov 14. All Silca machines set up and calibrated by Silca. AS NEW.......


Delta Fo. £600 (sold)

Bravo. £1000 (sold)

Lancer Plus. £1350 (sold)

Matrix Pro. £2100 (sold)

Zed Full with 220 tokens on it now plus 3 months unlimited use when activated. £2200 (sold)

RW4 Plus GTI £750 (sold)

Truecode (full kit) TCH,RTC1,RTC2, RTC3, RTC4, NTC1, FTC, £1050 (sold)

Lishi Pro Master cut to code etc. £1950

Ford Tibbe Pick, Safe Ventures. Unused £80


More to follow..


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