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  1. Is there anyone who embroiders, who can convert my logo to a .dst file? the logos like this (below) and I can provide it in any graphic type just not an embroidery one! I want to get it embroidered on some seat covers for my van but the company making the covers don’t seem willing unless I supply them with the file already to go. I don’t want the black background btw I’m happy to pay by the way! Lee
  2. Some of the time I’ve spent on one watch, I personally think eat plugs are a better bet
  3. Missed post saturday will get off today Lee


  4. Lee

    Clock repairs

    I wouldn't worry for every inquiry your answer would be "I'm sorry we only do watches" its still good advertising, next time they want a watch done they will think off you. I personally wouldn't want anything that allows me to speak to a potential customer dropped.
  5. I don't think this is a flaw to worry about Keith. Anyone with a strong reputation wouldn't put that on the line by helping someone with less skills imo. I like a three tier membership, But I'd name it "Willing to give Robin some support, here's a tenner" "I've been a member two years & Robins doing a good job, here's a score" & "Sign me up, its working" My personal advice is 1.SOCIAL MEDIA....... Facebook, instagram & Twitter all have their place. give the PUBLIC somewhere to interact, they love it. 2.ONLINE joining & renewal filling out a form and sending money is so last century 3.SOCIAL MEDIA Lee
  6. Lee

    ETA 956.112 for Braille Watch

    its just a blanked of cannon pinion. what are you trying to acheive? the chnaces are your customers original is a second hand blank with a fake screw top it probably just pops off like a secondhand would & is just a press fit
  7. Lee

    capacitor MT416

    Must be a postcode thing?
  8. Lee

    capacitor MT416

    I just added one & the delivery showed at £6.90 for delivery. What price your quoted your customer? I'd charge £35.00 for that one?
  9. Local Independent family optician, practice what I preach.
  10. I had to start wearing glasses today, I'm suing the forum for eye strain in the early days. On the plus side I've realised today my inability to thread a needle the past 12 months, is not down to shaking hands but wonky eyes.
  11. Lee

    music license for shop

    I bet the price will go up
  12. Quality. Well done massive step forward.
  13. Lee

    New movement for a Lorus

    Pm’d you Valerie.