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  1. Lee

    Spring Bars

    I've got all sizes too if you need any Lee
  2. Lee

    fishy watches

    pointed peg wood, then flat peg wood(similar to a cock tail stick, except when like me the day after a half day you think "Dam I forgot to buy cocktail sticks" and order peg wood as its easy to add to an order) & a toothbrush before opening. never a wire brush!
  3. Lee

    Replace Movement

    Thanks Mick
  4. I had a 1978 MK2 Escort Mexico that was mint and sold it around 1995 for £1500. Three weeks after that it had a mild under bonnet fire and was put in a lock up locally. It’s still there to this day, that was the best investment the lad that brought it ever made!
  5. Thank you all so, so much we are now on 60 & 40 is a lot less hard to get than 100 in the first place!
  6. It’s seems daunting but we still need 50 more! funny my cobblees/shoe repairer youtube has 423 subscribers and it’s own URL but I can’t transfer that to our Bikespeeds Chanel, so we have to keep pushing to get the custom url! lee
  7. Thanks people, we still have a long way to go to tip over 100 subscribers but we are well on our way. So please please sub to us!
  8. As a lot of you will know I took a slightly different direction with my business and am beginning to create quite a strong brand in my local area. we’ve done everything we can to protect the online identity of “the brand” but one area I’d like to tighten is our YouTube identity. In order to get a custom url on YouTube you have to have 100 subscribers to your channel so I’m asking if as many of you as possible could subscribe to our Chanel so I can bag our URL if you could subscribe and stay subscribed for maybe 6months minimum (if it’s not your thing!) then hopefully we will grow generically enough so sustain our 100 subscribers! this is our latest video and you can hit the subscribe button from it Click the subscribe button on our videos https://youtu.be/aub0GX_6w_Y
  9. Is there anyone who embroiders, who can convert my logo to a .dst file? the logos like this (below) and I can provide it in any graphic type just not an embroidery one! I want to get it embroidered on some seat covers for my van but the company making the covers don’t seem willing unless I supply them with the file already to go. I don’t want the black background btw I’m happy to pay by the way! Lee
  10. Some of the time I’ve spent on one watch, I personally think eat plugs are a better bet
  11. Missed post saturday will get off today Lee


  12. Lee

    Clock repairs

    I wouldn't worry for every inquiry your answer would be "I'm sorry we only do watches" its still good advertising, next time they want a watch done they will think off you. I personally wouldn't want anything that allows me to speak to a potential customer dropped.
  13. I don't think this is a flaw to worry about Keith. Anyone with a strong reputation wouldn't put that on the line by helping someone with less skills imo. I like a three tier membership, But I'd name it "Willing to give Robin some support, here's a tenner" "I've been a member two years & Robins doing a good job, here's a score" & "Sign me up, its working" My personal advice is 1.SOCIAL MEDIA....... Facebook, instagram & Twitter all have their place. give the PUBLIC somewhere to interact, they love it. 2.ONLINE joining & renewal filling out a form and sending money is so last century 3.SOCIAL MEDIA Lee