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  1. Lee


    I set up an e-commerce site which include online slot booking for bike servicing, online booking for bike box hire but the page that’s most successful is a used bikes page because we link to bikes on Facebook groups and now on a local level it’s constantly being looked at and referred too. It’s a case of thinking outside the box sometimes. i didn’t look at cracking a national market but focused on a local one. Its upscalable as I grow. I used free software and it only cost me a couple of days work to set up. (www.bikespeeds.com) Lee
  2. Lee

    Best Supplier for Laces

    Agree with da miller the sovereign range are bang on the money at the minute for range and packaging.
  3. I always grind mine on the tormak sharpener. Takes a bit of practice and it’s not something I’d want to do trade but if your patient you can command a good price for something few others can do.
  4. Lee


    30+ years, no ailments but do struggle with lifting push bikes on and off a stand all day now, often leave work with a back ache but that’s only the last 3 years!
  5. Please please take a look at the trailer for our new YouTube series we put up today. my Son Simon and I have spent thousands on lights, cameras and equipment to produce this mini series and tonight it all begins to come together for us! Over a hundred views within the hour and lots of talk about “Bikespeeds” on the socials. lee
  6. Lee

    No, no , no

    I had a man bring in three fake bolex's a week ago, he new two where fake, but as his brother had given him the other was 100% convinced it was genuine. I fixed them all, skirted around the issue of authenticity & sent him on his merry way!
  7. Lee

    Carp in .Eps

    Carp in .Eps View File Carp epos Submitter Lee Submitted 08/16/2018 Category Animal Designs  
  8. Lee

    Carp in .Eps

    Version 1.0.0


    Carp epos
  9. Lee

    Renata gold.

    interestingly no where has anyone published the actual Mah rating for these. just that they last up to 60% longer. i'd like to see the rating first before deciding if they are value for money.
  10. eBay item number: 382326495947
  11. Lee

    Embracing change

    my card payments are a percentage of any amount of turn over. it doesn't matter if its 10p or £100 the percentage remains the same. I added this percentage to everything so if I take a cash transaction its happy days. If i take a card for a pound it makes no difference.
  12. Lee

    Broken fake.

    I think you handled it well she'll know she got a good price at £40 for a fake & by this time next week you'd have forgotten all about it as it didn't break the bank. reputation intact. I always say you don't know how good a supplier is until something goes wrong. Lee
  13. Woodware Repetitions hold or held all the old Barnsley tools after they ceased trading. But the are so antiquated they have no web presence and even still type their invoices. I brought from them only a year or two ago so I assume they are still with us. Get yourself a meths burner from them also. heating up the tools makes a massive difference to the end result. And whilst your at it. get an iron to close down your stitching grove the times I see pictures on social media of a half tidy repair with a ragged stitching grove, its like those who get pictured the union jack inside out like Laura Kenny at the cycling last night, both wind me right up!
  14. Lee

    Spring Bars

    I've got all sizes too if you need any Lee
  15. Lee

    fishy watches

    pointed peg wood, then flat peg wood(similar to a cock tail stick, except when like me the day after a half day you think "Dam I forgot to buy cocktail sticks" and order peg wood as its easy to add to an order) & a toothbrush before opening. never a wire brush!