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  1. ETA 956.112 for Braille Watch

    its just a blanked of cannon pinion. what are you trying to acheive? the chnaces are your customers original is a second hand blank with a fake screw top it probably just pops off like a secondhand would & is just a press fit
  2. capacitor MT416

    Must be a postcode thing?
  3. capacitor MT416

    I just added one & the delivery showed at £6.90 for delivery. What price your quoted your customer? I'd charge £35.00 for that one?
  4. Local Independent family optician, practice what I preach.
  5. I had to start wearing glasses today, I'm suing the forum for eye strain in the early days. On the plus side I've realised today my inability to thread a needle the past 12 months, is not down to shaking hands but wonky eyes.
  6. music license for shop

    I bet the price will go up
  7. Quality. Well done massive step forward.
  8. New movement for a Lorus

    Pm’d you Valerie.
  9. I personally think it’s up to a business how it makes money it’s what we are in business to do.its up to consumers to decide is you are value for money and to make the decision on using your services or not. If a business charges you £10, 1% or nothing to use a card that should be entirely up to them. I’d been charging 50p on transactions under £10.00 this was enough to cover the costs of offering a card facility to all my customers and no one ever minded. Now I have to foot yet another cost to please “them” everyone wants a peice of the pie when you work for yourself
  10. Watch tools

    If you have a curved glass you can make a die specifically for the watch using polymorph https://www.maplin.co.uk/p/mindsets-polymorph-250g-n14at Ive used this when pressing glass into Armani etc by making a mould of the watch before removing the old glass then using my mould to press in the replacement. Heat it up put it in a metal die and press down your press (lightly) onto it to make the shape allow to harden, clean up on a grinder and hay presto a custom die
  11. Watch tools

    I own this press https://m.cousinsuk.com/sku/tools/press-dies-robur/press-robur/G0728?_=1518899944670 Along with these dies https://m.cousinsuk.com/sku/tools/press-dies-robur/die-set-robur/D0425?_=1518899944675 Which I use mainly for glass and stubborn backs And this press for day to day batteries https://m.cousinsuk.com/sku/tools/press-dies-horotec/press-push-fit-dies/C4675?_=1518900336785 And I use this for screw on backs https://m.cousinsuk.com/sku/tools/case-opening-universal-horotec/universal-case-back-tool-horotec/C44241?_=1518900336792 With other dies for more specific backs like Omega etc I never push a snap back on with my fingers and never use a hand tool for a screw on back. It looks more professional to the customers eye and eliminates risk. These tools where brought a long time ago and are low enough investment to be returned quickly. And that’s the approach I always use with watch tools nothings too much money when you think how quickly you return your money on batteries alone. Lee
  12. I still do watch repairs both retail and trade but I’ve moved to other areas now so no longer do training days, they where a means to an ends at the time if I’m honest. I no longer need the hassle!
  13. Watch tools

    Best is cheapest at any price When it comes to watches imo spent the most you can afford what ever the tool.
  14. Is engraving viable ?

    Bike repairs & Barbers shops are the future