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  1. Lottie’s locksmiths

    Loads of locksmith stuff for sale shop clearance

    Dear Rick I have made a donation, and I apologise for not reading the forum rules properly in the first instance and donating before I can sell. I have replied on the thread about this also as there seems to be alot of flack about my post here.
  2. Dear ababada I did not realise upon joining that a donation was required, which i apologise for and I have since becoming aware made a donation immediately after realising I should. It would be nice if people like yourself were not so quick to jump up and assume nasties about other posters and claim things about them that arent so as you appear to be doing here, with me. I am not in the habit of not sticking to my word, nor not doing the right thing or, if a requirement is needed, agree by saying yes then skipping out on it. . If I have unintentionally done something i should no9t have as is the case here, I have rectified it as soon as I was made aware, and realised. Whilst I need to sell things I wanted the things I have been left with to be sold to people who would actually value these things and put them to good use. I haven't sold anything whatsoever yet. Perhaps you, ababada, would think about why some people need to sell their stuff in the first place....whats their story?.....other than in your opinion trying to make a quick buck on the sly and weedle out of not donating to a deserved charity when that's a requirement of selling......the background of this stuff for sale was The other director of this family company strategically personally bankrupted, resigned as a director 2 days before payday, in addition to forcing the company in thousands of pounds worth of debt. Also removed thousands of pounds worth of equipmenmt and cash to tide himself and the employee and his kids and family over whilst they set up another shop in the same town doing the same thing. Why?. simply to punish and effectively rob me of a share in the business that I was willing to sell at a reasoable price that he did'nt want to pay. That same director has happily abandoned 5 minor children, left me to clean up a deliberately shiprecked company that was running for decades, simply to ensure as he has said himself that his children and the mother of those children would be left with nothing. He's already opened up another shop a stones throw away forced me to loose my job, and thinks £20 a week is enough for 5 children to live on and the food from the foodbank will last forever and isn't really nessesary as they dish it out willy nilly to anyone and theres no cutbacks there at all. To cut a long story short I am now in proper legal posession of whats left and unlike some people in this world, am acting with integrity, to repay the biz debts and hope there is some money left over which is not guaranteed but the best shot i have at this time whilst I find another job......after paying legal fees etc etc. I'm not familiar with this forum, and the way it runs, and I apologise when I offended anyone by not immediately donating, I should have read the guidelines properly when I joined rather than speed reading them and that's absolutely on me. I did read some of the posts before I put mine up to see if it was the kind of place to sell these items, which it seemed to be. I was at the time very happy to have found somewhere that appeared knowledgable, friendly, locksmith orientated and had a selling area, because I wanted the stuff to go to like minded people. Perhaps try not to be too quick to tar everyone with the same no integrity brush next time...... and think they're just wanting to run off with the profits and to not donate to charity when its a requirement of selling and must be agreed to. If i'm lucky enough to have left over anything or any reasonable amount then I will happily donate over the minimum amount again as \i have just done as a thank you. I'm well aware of dealing with people with a lack of integrity.......doesn't mean we all lack it, ababada.
  3. Lottie’s locksmiths

    Loads of locksmith stuff for sale shop clearance

    @pdr for the lancer around £80. @grahamparker With much respect Graham, I've said that there's more items and I've put a few pics up to give a general idea. There's thousands of tools designed by the company, put into production and sold on ebay all day long for around £5. Easy money after postage and costs for shoving someting in an envelope plonking a stamp on and posting it, and about £3-£4 in your pocket per tool. theres £2ks worth cost price order sitting in several boring brown boxes that while doesn't look like much is actually worth quite a bit. Thank you to everyone who has messaged me, I have replied to you all. And thank you very much to everyone for your interest.
  4. Lottie’s locksmiths

    Loads of locksmith stuff for sale shop clearance

    I can split and also would be very handy to go as a job lot or mostly as a job lot. The few pics I’ve added give a general idea of what’s there. Theres about £30k of machinery and stock and equipment all in. Ideally I would have written a list of everything but due to the circumstances I was unable to do this. If going as a job lot one very big lorry at least would be needed as It took several men, a large and medium sized removal lorries to clear it out over a day.
  5. Lottie’s locksmiths

    Loads of locksmith stuff for sale shop clearance

    Dear all Sincere apologies for the delay in upoloading pics, I hope they appear here now. Some one asked what types of pinning kits there are, there are various ones, I can't be specific I'm afraid. I have looked through the paperwork to see what model the futura key machine is and it does not say!. Save to say though it cost several thousand and I do know has alot of information on its brain and can be used for many different keys. I need to raise as much as possible from these items to repay company debts that the now ex director left me to deal with. Obviously you want a bargain and a happy medium will need to be agreed!. All of the items are stored securely under surveillance and whoever said that there all in the caravan gave me a chuckle!!. I pictured a shoe machine in there. Some of the items are not for sale, like the stereo and the silver cabinet with the chess set on, but please do ask away and I will do my best to help you. I've not had a chance to go through the 60 odd boxes yet and organise it better, I will do over the next week or so, so that when people come to look its easier to find things.
  6. Dear locksmithers! pics coming later this week but wanted to put it out there that there are LOADS of items for sale, from key machines, to full keyboards, shoe machine, pinning kits, pantograph engraver, there’s a futura key machine that’s only about 18 months old tops with a lot of key stuff already on it, safes, padlocks shoe care stuff, key blanks etc. There’s even a caravan if anyone’s interested Please contact me if interested need to clear as much as as soon as!.