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  1. Hi, A customer would like copies of this key made but i cant get them from sks and i'm doubtful i can get them anywhere. Anyone know if its possible to get these key blanks? cheers
  2. thanks for the link, i do not see a way of ordering that specific key but i have emailed them to ask if they can do it. Hopefully it will lead somewhere
  3. Hi everyone, I joined the site when i first started cutting keys 5 years ago and thought it was time i said hello... better late than never I've gained a lot of useful knowledge from here and put up my first topic last week and got very helpful advise I hope i can do the same at some point.
  4. I've been using the Delta SA 2000 cylinder machine for 6 year and was wondering if i should replace the tracer. Just wanted to know if this is something worth doing or not? I've replaced the cutter plenty of times. The same goes for my RST Jakey MK2.
  5. ok, you have convinced me. I'll go with quality
  6. that's a bit more than i was planning to spend, thanks for the recommendation. i'll consider it
  7. feeling like a novice now, i've never used one. do you have a recommendation for what Vernier Caliper i should get or what specs it should have?
  8. not sure where to use the vernier caliper. i usually put 2 blank keys in to see if the cutter starts at the right point and just barely touch the blank through the whole motion. i wasn't sure if a slight wear on the tracer was giving inaccurate cuts at certain points of the profile of some keys Would using a Vernier caliper be more accurate?
  9. ok, i'll hold off ordering replacement tracers, thanks everyone for the speedy replies, I had a bad run of a few keys coming back and just couldn't see what could be the problem. hopefully it was just bad luck. wow, i'm not even near doing 200000 keys yet.