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  1. Specialist1975

    AB series?

    Can anyone tell me what card/ blank is needed for the Bisley AB series? Not coming up on Futura and is LF45r type profile. Code is AB622, Thanks, Cameron
  2. Specialist1975

    new income stream

    Honesty. Get a grip. Some seriously unbalanced people here!
  3. Specialist1975

    Sharpening Machine

    I love my Tormek. When you buy one the first item inside the box you see is a little yellow wallet. On it are the words "be careful - Tormek sharp is very sharp" and inside is a pack of plasters!
  4. Specialist1975

    ninja total / sica Futura engraving

    I use the Futura to engrave some keys. It does a good enough job after investing a few blanks and some time in setting up a template. It should be able to do the likes of dog tags though I'm not sure how well it might hold thin, round disks as the jaws are all square.
  5. Specialist1975

    Asec Vital Euro cylinders

    So it was you who went was it? Lol Was pretty quiet from what I heard.
  6. Specialist1975

    Description please

    How much will it be for a new lock? What lock do you have currently? Oh, just a normal one...... Customers eh?
  7. Specialist1975

    Single Use Plastic

    It is not a fake image. It is an artwork installed by greenpeace to illustrate the problem: https://asiancorrespondent.com/2017/05/philippines-greenpeace-unfurls-beached-plastic-whale-raise-awareness/#uuVeUZkRPAWzphMm.97
  8. Any chance I could be allowed Trade access please?

  9. Specialist1975


    Could you arrange trade access for me in due course please.
  10. Specialist1975


    Hello Folks, I am a trading locksmith in Guildford, Surrey. I cut cylinder, mortice, dimple and laser keys and have been getting into auto work too over the last year.