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  1. Specialist1975

    New Cylinder Machine

    Silca Bravo professional is a solid and reliable machine if you are buying new I recommend it.
  2. Will it be a headache tablet? I need those a lot on auto work!
  3. Specialist1975


    Not sure why the tracer is hitting the new key as it should only normally be down for the decode then be put back up. Normally it tells you to check the mobile tracer position before it cuts the key or is it the tracer point, which you should have changed to a cutter to cut the key?
  4. Specialist1975

    Window key assistance

    Every chance there is a broken portion of key in the keyway if that doesn't fit, or wafers jammed?
  5. Specialist1975

    Union 5 lever pre cut

    Being a 5 lever it is not a pre-cut.
  6. It's ok Mick. There's a Show in October in Nottingham. Hopefully you can make that!
  7. Specialist1975

    multilock intergrator blanks

    The integrators are marked with your centre number, so any blanks are traceable to the agent. I would cut keys to code with the card, but not send out uncut blanks for this reason.
  8. Specialist1975

    Unusual L n F code

    Instacode shows A side 23121 and B side 22122 on card 32 Depths are 660 580 500 which is the same as other series using LF2 I believe.
  9. Specialist1975

    AB series?

    Thank you.
  10. Specialist1975


    Seem to have missed it..... You sure it's not in October Mick?
  11. Specialist1975

    AB series?

    Can anyone tell me what card/ blank is needed for the Bisley AB series? Not coming up on Futura and is LF45r type profile. Code is AB622, Thanks, Cameron
  12. Specialist1975

    new income stream

    Honesty. Get a grip. Some seriously unbalanced people here!
  13. Specialist1975

    Sharpening Machine

    I love my Tormek. When you buy one the first item inside the box you see is a little yellow wallet. On it are the words "be careful - Tormek sharp is very sharp" and inside is a pack of plasters!
  14. Specialist1975

    ninja total / sica Futura engraving

    I use the Futura to engrave some keys. It does a good enough job after investing a few blanks and some time in setting up a template. It should be able to do the likes of dog tags though I'm not sure how well it might hold thin, round disks as the jaws are all square.
  15. Specialist1975

    Asec Vital Euro cylinders

    So it was you who went was it? Lol Was pretty quiet from what I heard.