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  1. Specialist1975

    Description please

    How much will it be for a new lock? What lock do you have currently? Oh, just a normal one...... Customers eh?
  2. Specialist1975

    Single Use Plastic

    It is not a fake image. It is an artwork installed by greenpeace to illustrate the problem: https://asiancorrespondent.com/2017/05/philippines-greenpeace-unfurls-beached-plastic-whale-raise-awareness/#uuVeUZkRPAWzphMm.97
  3. Any chance I could be allowed Trade access please?

  4. Specialist1975


    Could you arrange trade access for me in due course please.
  5. Specialist1975


    Hello Folks, I am a trading locksmith in Guildford, Surrey. I cut cylinder, mortice, dimple and laser keys and have been getting into auto work too over the last year.