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  1. cant give figures over net but happy speaking to someone face to face all machines spot on blake, victor, hardo finisher usuall compressor guns massive shop door either end backs on to market lancer plus silca cylinder is200 engraver large trophy and merchandise area, own watch repair area haven't advertised anywhere just testing waters on here I may put advert in cutting edge possibly just curious as to see if people are buying that was all
  2. so is anyone interested in buying my shop ,,
  3. so are you saying every shoe repair business is only worth 25k mine comes fully fitted machinery computer engraver etc etc massive shop high st location huge contracts with estate age nts around 15 plus contracts with local council plus 2 satalitte dry cleaners taking in work for me yet its only worth 25k i cant see how it wouldnt pay to sell which is my original question are business still selling or folding i spoke to siserve the other day they said its quite bad out there independants closing and timpsons closing branches as well
  4. but what is there turnover at 25k etc location footfall i suppose it all comes into play this is my question 25k is too cheap i would say. it cost me 40k to set up why would people sell for that i dont get the figure if a place is earning you say 1000 aweek why do people say 25k
  5. Hi Guys I see people still selling shoe repair shops is there still a market for this,,,, do other independents still buy other shops and how do they value them. My shops been here for 10 years averages 130k per year then rent is 16k no rates then stock and electric ive been told i wouldnt get 60k for it which doesn't seem alot to me
  6. marky11

    Glenway's monthly 'joke'

    there's worse on tv
  7. how long and how much bud
  8. were the hooks any good to you rick

    1. kobblers


      Sorry, mate - only just read your message.

      I wasn't asking for myself, it was so other members knew if you'd be willing to post. Sorry for any confusion!


  9. Hi yes mate i would have to guess postage around 15 to 20 quid bud

    1. marky11


      call it 290 mate

      let us know and i,ll send bank details on to you


  10. hi all i have over 2200 peg board hooks for sale are they any good to anybody cash on collection from Warwickshire looking for around 280
  11. Heard from timpson staff James now wants to open a theme park in manchester good money in it i know but a huge layout as well. Wonder if any truth in it....
  12. hi

    i do have it still its i will take picture of it for you  tomorrow

    1. marky11


      can u text me so i can send u a photo mate of tester