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  1. Toorex


    Maybe some metal dust got on the contacts and caused it?
  2. These are indeed Hekna, thanks for the advice. Now to try and cut the bitting manually..
  3. Customer lost his key to both these locks. Silca UL059 fits for these, but I can't get the cores to come out so need to somehow be able to know what the teething on the keys looks like.. I was hoping someone could somehow look this up for me? First one is 1059, the other is 1046. I know I should up my game and buy a machine that's able to cut to code, but as I'm just starting out for now I don't have the budget for it..
  4. Toorex

    Keeway key

    Same here. Problem right now is getting the bike here, since there's major road works going on.. At least 10 months more! Hence why I'm looking for an alternative..
  5. Toorex

    Keeway key

    Nope, that's not it.
  6. Toorex

    Evva key blank

    Aha, got it. Did some research and it seems the WFU2 profile is only available in the HD brand? Never heard of that brand, don't think it's available for purchase where I'm from. Any alternatives in the silca/jma line?
  7. Toorex

    Evva key blank

    What's the WFU2 / WFU12? Can't find it in my key program.
  8. I know I've made these before but I can't find the right blank... Anyone?
  9. Looking for a key blank that fits these Keeway bike locks perfectly. Always have some trouble cutting these.
  10. Toorex

    Easter weekend

    Taking off from monday till thursday. Actually coming to London! Anyone there?
  11. What kind of keys is this used for?
  12. Toorex

    Yale 5T3355

    Is this the MP60 profile?
  13.  if you phone  a fella called alan ( hes based in  the north east  hes got a k and b wants 800  an 848  like the one on ebay that up for 2400  he wants 1200 for his hes also got a dn76 wants   1700

    1. Tom D

      Tom D

      oh shit  his work phone number 0191 4897954


  14. Anyone? Or is it patented? Yale 5T3355
  15. Looking for an outsole stitcher, anyone selling one or knows someone that is?