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  1. exp121260

    Key blank I'd

    HDCS17 or Silca AB86, Not %100 sure thou
  2. exp121260

    Key ID assitance please

    Thanks all for your assistance. The above keys all look very similar and could do the key but unfortunately did not any in stock, caller couple of independent shops close by but none had one in stock. So , nicley told customer sorry can not do it today but if you want one come back another day. If anyone around Cornwall can do this key please let me know can direct the customer to them as she is revelling back to Cornwall tomorrow. Once again thnaks for the contribution.
  3. Is this key can be copied as the number on the key does not work. Any assistance appreciated.
  4. exp121260

    Mortice key ID assistance

    Great , Thanks Mr Bargy. Spot on. Never had one of these before.
  5. Had this one in today, never see it before. 7G very similar to ERA 7 G one but the lever was longer by about milimiters, how the ERA was wide enough on both sides. Are there specific blank for this key? Any assistance or recommendations welcome.
  6. exp121260

    Key ID please

    Thanks Guys, the above cods both the same (HD and JMA) Codes, I will try one once customer back today with her key. once more thanks.
  7. Smilar to ERA but smaller gauge 5.1/2 Thanks
  8. Thanks abababa for your quick response. I have ordered some in for tomorrow. Not on my board so didn't have any in stock.
  9. This is for a clock in machine
  10. Lol, 3 specsaver shops next to my shop , so defiantly worth visit sooner than later However, I said Google maps and as you can see below in only comes up on Yell, so the shop not registered on Google. Just trying to convince myself that I am not blind !
  11. Whenever I have ordered this genuine 3 lever Mortice Zoo I have received the one which says ZK300 on it. This matches the customer keys I usually get. Last week I have order same key from SKS and received the one with smaller lever and not cuts on bottom side of the lever . I emailed SKS waiting for response but just wondering if these keys are the same as I tried the SKS one and the lever was smaller from both sides, not catching the cutter.
  12. Thanks, does not come up on google map. Melton Heel Bar please message me your phone number.
  13. I know an Ex Timpson guy looking for job, I only seen him once, nice person and knows all the repairs including watch repairs ( 6 years experience ) based in Nottingham area. Where are you based anyway?
  14. UL064 defiantly work as I have done few and never had issue. UL054 also should do if it wide enough same as the new Citysafe ones.
  15. The time I applied for the Aldridges account I already had trade & credit accounts with CB, DP Burgess, SKS, T colledge and few other suppliers, but Aldridges still refused to open an account for me. I am no longer interested anyway as the above mentioned suppliers good enough to keep my business going.