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  1. Had these keys couple of time and cut them on UL054, Its seems UL054 worked as the customer not come back. Just asking is Universal the right blank for these keys or other keys can do it as well or these are specific blank for them? Thanks
  2. key ID please

    Have you tried the Union security gauge to identify which blank will do it? or isn't it a UNI31 or UNI32 do it? it looks like CB hook 6045 as well (MLA keys).
  3. Anyone can offer double bit cut to code service? The photos attached and the code is H63236. I have lancer plus machine and tried twice in the past to copy double bit key , never worked so I don't do them anymore.
  4. Window key

    I am not sure but it looks like Ronis ilco & HD ref 62R.
  5. Tessi shutter key

    Try SILCA References ; Viro VI13, iseo IE9, FF14, FF15, Prefer PF2, Kwickset KS1
  6. Thanks all for your advice and the provided information. I would not touch it as advised.
  7. Can I get blanks for this key and if yes what is the key ID Please.
  8. URGENT KEY ID Please

    Thanks Rick and Graham, DN2 did the job perfectly, Customer shop was just around the corner, Give him GL6, VI13 and DN2 blanks to try , DN2 was the only went in. Cut it for him and worked perfectly. Great help, thanks.
  9. URGENT KEY ID Please

    Thanks Rick, it looks very slimier to GL6,GL7 than DN2 but GLs are a bit thicker , will cut one see what happens. Once more thanks for your quick response .
  10. Can some suggest right blank for this key, I have looked at Viro Kwickset and IESO is not them. thanks
  11. Key id please

    Rick the one I have I used 1AK CB hook 300 and it worked, the one above is reverse of the same key and as you can see UL1R worked for it. So I am assuming both work for it and is up to you which one you choose to cut.
  12. Key id please

    I had one in last week and cut it on YA1 (1AK) CB Hook 0300, worked OK.
  13. Anyone sell these watches and are there any demand for them? I know it depends where you based but in general.. tcolledgeandson have them on offer and the trade price not bad. any suggestions..