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  1. exp121260

    Key ID assistance please

    Thanks Graham , Did actually cut one on LS14 and asked customer to try, but LS14 wasn't wide enough for this key or I probably wasn't using the correct side of my machine jaw. See if it works but if not are there any other options available ?
  2. Any blank recommendations ? It for a cupboard. Thanks
  3. exp121260

    Key ID please

    Have done 2 in the past for a boat engine if I remember correctly, not used any adaptor, cut both on Silcal rekord, both worked fine.still have a blank in stock. However, the customer key did look like the one unloaded by Rudi. I thought this might work for him.
  4. exp121260

    Key ID please

    Bottom one
  5. exp121260

    Union 5 lever pre cut

    It is 5 lever Mark, sorry for the confusion. corrected it now.
  6. Just wonder if a union pre cut key available for this key? If yes what M...M number. Thanks
  7. exp121260

    key id help

    Silca RC7R I had one in last week and did not know above key will do it until someone on this forum told me
  8. exp121260

    yale ID

    lk103 = U4D I think
  9. Thanks , I feel better now Second time I come across this key and can't worked out what blank to use . Hopefully, I can remember next time !
  10. So RC7R would not do this key then Rick? Any other blank recommendations as my customer will come back tomorrow to have it cut?
  11. Spot on EST, Thanks the quick assistance.
  12. Can anyone help with this key please.l
  13. The photo is only to explain the inner and out cuts of Mul-T-Lock keys . The key in the photo is patented and can not be copied , but you can copy not patented Mul-T-Lock keys such as 7x7 type. All the above cutters are included with Mustang when bought new. They are all together in a pack of 4 separated from the rest of other cutters included with the machine. However, the number 3 cutter looks a slightly different to the one in the photo, probably due to angle the photo taken.
  14. exp121260

    Stuck on a key

    HAFELE blank will do it
  15. exp121260

    Stuck on a key

    If it is TRIUMPH motorbike TRP-1d is the blank for it and I have cut one on ZADI blank that worked as well .