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  1. exp121260

    Another Key ID please

    Photo can not be viewed , try to attach another photo ...
  2. exp121260

    Key ID please

    It looks like a typical LF key HD 85P or the reverse of it but different head!
  3. Thanks All for your contribution, Unfortunately, neither WMS6 nor KWL7 long enough for this key as you can see in attached photo
  4. Thanks Rick, I only stock the precut WMS Window keys but definitely order some of these blanks and give them a go.
  5. I have been told these keys no longer made! Any suppliers still stock these? It's longer than the 2 versions currently available pre cut. Regards
  6. exp121260

    TSS Stamped keys

    Thanks All, I used Carl F for it , as it was the most look alike blank, but just wanted to be completely sure what everyone uses for this key. once more, thanks for your time and assistance.
  7. What blank to use for these keys, the key head looks like Carl F key head?
  8. Thanks All for your assistance.. The correct blank was HD B602/2 as suggested by Micheal. The problem was, I had the SL stamped blanks in stock and they were different as the Groove (Shaft) was wider but surprisingly the HD B602/2 which supposed to be the same blank the Groove (Shaft) was exactly same as customer's original key. All done and dusted now! many thanks to Micheal Graham.
  9. exp121260

    mvp pro

    What extras are included with the your MVP PRO Jo? Smart dongle? Smart Aerial ? No of Tokens? ect.. Reveal the unknown please if you still have the programmer.
  10. Sorry, out of the shop now can't measure using the shaft Will do tomorrow if customer waits till then.
  11. Thanks for your swift assistance. The grove on B602/2 and 559/1 slightly wider than these key, does this make a difference or good to go?
  12. Customer brought in 7 key all same with different cuts , I can not work our what blank will do them. Very slimier top SL blank but the grove of SL is bigger .
  13. Thanks Graham,, I will speak to the customer to see which option he prefers, if he decides a key to be made for this lock, I will send it over to you and include return postage. regards Riz
  14. This is for a customer's Garage lock, it has no working key and no reference or codes on the lock. I have checked and DOM key blank is the right blank for the lock but don't know the cuts !
  15. He's got a full-time position in Loughborough area now. No longer looking. sorry.