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  1. keySolutions

    Key help

    I doubt it. WT stand for Wang Tong , a Chinese company. I think your best bet is to change the lock to something more conventional and cut keys for that.
  2. keySolutions

    Key blank for camlock

    Seeing the tab on front , my first guess would be Emka Try Silca EMK5.
  3. keySolutions

    Hueck cylinder key

    Looks like a BKS PZ88 Try Silca BK15
  4. keySolutions

    Slightly confused, is this a "fake".

    The number doesn't look like a JMA number , it looks more like Silca. The whole key coining looks like Silca.
  5. Can you post a pic ? For Hörmann , it's usually either a Ces or Abus cylinder
  6. This lock has passive side pins. On the CISA SP (reversed profile version of this) the side cuts are used for dealer profiles. But i believe Abus has always used these with a cut on each position , on one side only.
  7. Börkey 1958 Or you should be able to get them from your Abus supplier. It's no longer proteced.
  8. keySolutions

    Yale 5T3355

    Yes , i think this is a rebranded Litto key. So my first guess would be a LT6R. But it may also be a Select + or Litto 3. These are still protected as far as i know.
  9. keySolutions

    Yale 5T3355

    Have a look at Silca LT6R
  10. keySolutions

    Window Handle Locks ID Please

    The keyway looks like a HPP1R or a LF23R On the links that MarkD posted , this one looks the correct profile. http://www.windowhandlekeys.co.uk/window-handle-key-for-hoppe-espag-window-handle/ I'm not sure about the third picture.
  11. keySolutions

    Key ID please - no brand

    I think i've used Silca WK45R for this one.
  12. keySolutions

    ID Key Please

    Silca MM2R
  13. keySolutions

    Vachette key id

    VAC2 has codes that start with U
  14. Silca KW14 , i think