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  1. keySolutions

    Karrite "MIssing Codes"

    That was also my first guess. But the codes that Instacode does show for the Karrite series don't seem to match the codes in this one. So i don't think it will work.
  2. keySolutions

    WT Want Tong to code

    So now they can pay for repairs , ...
  3. keySolutions

    WT Want Tong to code

    I doubt you'll have much luck. Better just pick the lock and grab the spare keys.
  4. keySolutions

    Universal to code

    The locks look like Hekna to me. HN1 is the correct blank , also matches the codes. I would not advice to use the UL blank , as it may give problems if the lock is masterkeyed. The bitting for these codes: 1046: 34412 1059: 42132 Depth: 1: 6.6mm / 2: 6.1mm / 3: 5.6mm / 4: 5.1mm Positions: 1: 3.5mm/ 2: 6.3mm/3: 9.1mm/ 4: 11.9/ 5:14.7mm
  5. keySolutions

    Silca EKC

    The Vehicle Key Finder Pro seems to be gone too That was a great tool. DC77 , do you use Google Chrome as browser ?
  6. keySolutions


    Try EU5R on code 25394.
  7. keySolutions

    key id help

    We use Silca IJ1 for this.
  8. keySolutions

    key id please

    I use RO20 for this
  9. keySolutions

    Evva key blank

    I can confirm that EV64RX is the correct blank for this key.
  10. keySolutions

    Key help

    I doubt it. WT stand for Wang Tong , a Chinese company. I think your best bet is to change the lock to something more conventional and cut keys for that.
  11. keySolutions

    Key blank for camlock

    Seeing the tab on front , my first guess would be Emka Try Silca EMK5.
  12. keySolutions

    Hueck cylinder key

    Looks like a BKS PZ88 Try Silca BK15
  13. keySolutions

    Slightly confused, is this a "fake".

    The number doesn't look like a JMA number , it looks more like Silca. The whole key coining looks like Silca.
  14. Can you post a pic ? For Hörmann , it's usually either a Ces or Abus cylinder