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  1. keySolutions

    Key to code

    Most likely it will be a Silca LF12. These are very common for automotive accessories. The codes fall in the 1-200 range. There are members here that can cut it to code.
  2. keySolutions

    Key ID please

    Looks like Silca STF1R
  3. keySolutions

    Key to Code

    Thanks Howard , i didn't know that one.
  4. Have you looked at the fuses ?
  5. keySolutions

    Key to Code

    That is not going to be and LF4 , it is double sided. Looks more like an RC5 to me. i don't think they can be cut to code.
  6. keySolutions

    Key ID please, no brand

    I don't think Silca had that one. We've always used the Börkey blank.
  7. keySolutions

    Key ID please, no brand

    The number points to Elca (Evva). Have a look at Börkey 1590.
  8. The "magnet" is the interactive element in the Mul-T-Lock Interactive. The older classic profiles don't have that. It is the part of the key that is patented for copy protection. It's not a magnet btw.
  9. Mul-T-Lock has 2 cuts in each position. The cutter on the right in the pic cuts the outer cut, the 3rd one cuts the middle part. You will need both to make working keys. I don't have one of these machines , but i assume you would make the outer cuts first with the 2nd and 4th part in the picture. Then cut the inside cuts with the 1st and 3rd. Do that on both sides of the key.
  10. keySolutions

    Anyone know this lock?

    CES Silca CE4
  11. We cut a lot of keys to code for the technical department of town. They have this awesome guy that can even recognize most common key blanks. They come in once or twice a week with a list of codes. Schools seem to need a lot of keys cut to code just before the start of the school year. We get quite a few roof racks and trailer hitches. Most use the LF12 blank and have a code on it. A lot of garages and dealerships come to us to get car keys cut. They order the blanks from their brand and get them code cut. It's faster like that. Making a key to a lock is so much easier if you can cut it to depths. No more fiddling to clamp a broken key in your machine. The software lets you find an unknown key blank by looking up the code. And of course , master key systems.
  12. keySolutions

    Brinks towbar

    1D15 is most likely Dom profile
  13. keySolutions

    Brinks towbar

    We don't get any Brinks over here. But it looks exactely the same as Thule , so i think LF12 will work.