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  1. iZettles 2.5% charge for invoicing put me off. It's a free feature of Paypal. I use it regularly for customers who have accounts with us and they can pay by Bank Transfer, Cheque or whatever.
  2. Looks like JMA ALF-4
  3. David C

    Old cabinet key marked "20"

  4. David C

    Old cabinet key marked "20"

    Are you suggesting access to the equipment and know-how available from Locksmith suppliers should be freely available? I for one would be happy if some parts of the security industry were a bit more secure. Newbies.....buy a key machine and a few blanks from Birches or Davenports and your away.
  5. David C

    Key id

    Vee Ind. Inc. Boynton Beach, FLA. here
  6. David C

    Single Use Plastic

    YES!!! I'd like red and blue with tibbe and black with every other key please.
  7. Profile is YN-CD if its any help.
  8. Tie-Tight Laces stock them too.
  9. Far better with a proper Tibbe machine. Especially if you're cutting finest Chinese steel.
  10. David C

    2007 mini

    Usually they work....but only once as the code doesn't roll
  11. David C

    Guard key I'd

    Oops! Sorry... wrong forum.
  12. David C

    Guard key I'd

    6 1/2 inches if I stretch it a bit.
  13. David C

    Caravan key ID Please

    AF7A. The code is short of a 1 I think.