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  1. Homecare

    Key ID help

    Certainly was but by logging out and then logging back in again I can now like the comments, thanks once again
  2. Homecare

    Key ID help

    Thank you for all your help, it's looking like a HD MR1 which I think will be the same as a Silca MER1 I have tried to like comments above but some reason it won't let me
  3. Can anyone identify the key attached below? And possibly tell me an alternative Davenport Burgess blank? Thanks in advance
  4. Can anybody help identifying the key below, it's a patio door key
  5. Homecare

    Watch Straps

    Brilliant thanks good job I came on here for advice, I'd never have known that
  6. Homecare

    Watch Straps

    Thanks for that, will give them a try I was going to use Charles Birch but after 3 attempts just to get a catalogue sent I gave up
  7. Hi guys We are looking at starting to offer replacement watch straps at our shop and I was just wondering if anyone could recommend a reliable supplier? Thanks in advance 👍
  8. Quick update Thanks for all the responses, we've discounted the multi machine and are now looking between the RST mk 2 and the Lancer Plus. It looks like the Lancer plus is a very well liked machine however its cost might be a bit steep for the volume of mortice keys we get asked for.
  9. Hi We are looking at getting a mortice key cutting machine and I'm just after a bit of advice What are the dual machines like (cylinder and mortice)? We are currently running the Bianchi keyline easy cylinder machine, this is a great machine and touch wood we've never had a single issue with it. The Mortice machine we have been offered is a RST MK2 TM1011 and I was wondering if anyone had any experiences with this machine? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi guys Quick question I've had a few keys in today and all it says on them is 10 does anyone know which HD blank I should be using for them? Closest I've found is the 16HL (touch wood these have all worked) but just wondered if there was an exact match I should use
  11. The ML1 is a longer blank? The ones I cut yesterday using NS9CS all worked apparently?
  12. Does anyone know the cross reference for a Mila 0.4? Is it a NS9CS?
  13. Homecare

    Ellbee M Series

    Yeah we use the davenport equivalent of that on the E series, the M series seems to be longer, I even tried cutting from the far end and trimming the shoulder back, (maybe I didn't trim the shoulder back enough)
  14. Hi guys, anybody know what blank cross references with the Ellbee M series? Never had one in the shop before today, The E series we always use the Sofi S04R but these seem to be slightly longer?