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    Paxton Bullet Fob Copier

    I thought we weren’t allowed to copy these?
  2. I could maybe take the wooden storage off your hands depending on the sizes and price but I’m not interested in the rest. PM me if you’re willing to sell them on their own, if not fair enough
  3. How many of those shelving units are there? Are they for sale?
  4. SteelCityShoes


    Of course you need to know the blanks first for that to be of any use? You can do short, even day courses in key cutting and identification if there isn’t anyone around to give you a crash course
  5. SteelCityShoes


    But thanks for the heads up
  6. SteelCityShoes


    Take off the price or put it in the trade section
  7. SteelCityShoes


    Out of curiosity, what got you into key cutting?
  8. It’s hardly on its last legs, it’s just a changed market
  9. Irocinally there was one here and I didn’t go Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Leeds the best attended show for years? I imagine that’s because it’s in the centre of the country
  10. I wish all these shows were in the middle of the country. As much as I’d like to go to this and the T Colledge one, I don’t fancy spending 8 hours each day travelling
  11. SteelCityShoes

    DM repairs

    Yes but you’re on another level to us mere humans when it comes to glue
  12. SteelCityShoes

    DM repairs

    Bostiks are the best, although I don’t miss the headaches
  13. Book the NEC and combine everything into one weekend
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  15. SteelCityShoes


    At the risk of teaching you to suck eggs, you’re not looking for a Belfry instead are you?
  16. I'm thinking about updating my key boards, half of what I have on doesn't seem to get used and I'm doing more and more "special" orders for things that aren't on there. I'm not too bothered about sticking to one reference system, I've got keys from everyone on my current ones. Ideally I'm wanting something more relevant and up to date, preferably concise rather than having every key in the book that's barely used and something that looks good on the wall Thanks guys
  17. SteelCityShoes

    Best key boards

    I think it’s fair to say eimco has probably just won the title of best key boards, but keep posting them
  18. SteelCityShoes

    Best key boards

    Very nice eimco
  19. SteelCityShoes

    Best key boards

    Creative idea there Chris
  20. SteelCityShoes

    Best key boards

    Can you take a close up picture?
  21. SteelCityShoes

    Ladies heel top piece material

    Warm it up a bit first
  22. SteelCityShoes

    Best key boards

    I believe the T Colledge boards are just HD boards with custom branding
  23. SteelCityShoes

    Best Supplier for Laces

    I’ve got Saphir laces, the only thing that bugs me is that they don’t do any thick waxed laces in any size
  24. Does anyone know what key this is? Thanks guys
  25. SteelCityShoes

    Key ID please

    Looks like they’re Polish and not freely available here, can’t find any other reference than the JMA one but even SKS don’t carry it. Waiting for my customer to come back before I try and track one down