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  1. No chance. €152 for a plastic shoe? Pull the other one
  2. I’m prepay and get a lot less now but still have a few. I’ve got a ridiculously expensive pair of trainers which have been left. I usually donate anything worthwhile after a period of time but I have a feeling these would come back on me if I did
  3. SteelCityShoes

    K&B outsole thread lock

    Thanks a lot Peter!
  4. Does anyone know which nuts adjust the thread lock? A picture would be really helpful
  5. SteelCityShoes

    fishy watches

    A suede brush over the finishers extractor. But if it was that bad, I’d tell them to clean it first
  6. SteelCityShoes

    Shop for lease ?

    Try Timpsons
  7. They’re near enough brand new to the repair trade, I wouldn’t worry
  8. They work the same as regular ones but they are thicker and come in smaller head sizes. They’re on sale at the minute and running at 4 times the price of usual PU’s. They are useful for things like Louboutins and Jimmy Choo’s but unless you get a lot in, I don’t think I’d bother getting them
  9. Looks like a heavy duty fudge wheel
  10. What size are you wanting? If it’s just one pair I could put you some in the post. They’re not the cheapest PU’s for a one off
  11. SteelCityShoes

    Problem with sending messages

    I found that yesterday. IF you click someone’s name you can’t add a message, but if you manually start one then it works
  12. SteelCityShoes

    Storing sheeting

    Thanks for the input guys. I don’t have much space so I’m looking for something that will keep it all fairly compact, maybe against the wall or something
  13. SteelCityShoes

    First Date card ,machine GPRS down

    I’m with Global Pay and mine didn’t work through the phone line or internet, eventually got it working late in the morning
  14. Has anyone got any creative ideas for storing sheeting? I’ve got about 20 sheets shoved in every gap I can find around the shop and I want to get it in order
  15. SteelCityShoes

    music license for shop

    £229 + VAT for the combined licence, which breaks down to £91 for PRS and £138 for PPL