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  1. Sole stain

    Is the 406 the one that says “bottom stain” on it? I’ve not used that one I used a few different ones. I’ve tried polish too and am never satisfied
  2. Hey guys, does anyone know of a good stain that is similar to the dark one in the picture and maybe something a bit lighter? Tried a few fiebings dyes and not happy with them. Thanks
  3. Spot the Mistake?

    Couldn’t have been a timpson repair. I hear there superglue is really good
  4. leather belting

    I always hear people talking about how bad they are. I ordered for the first time and ordered three pairs of JR soles and the dovetails to go with them. Recieved four of the same heel. I had to laugh. Could only imagine what it would be like If I was ordering stock for a full shop. When I rang up to tell them they said they don’t do JR dovetails
  5. Hi all,

    Yeah I thought sothat’s why I asked. I’m in 403 dartford
  6. Hi all,

    I’m on area 20
  7. Hi all,

    Welcome. What area you on?
  8. would you clean these

    We get it a lot. “We always get our shoes done here” then under the next breath “I didn’t know the previous guy passed away. He was really nice” that was in 2013
  9. New movement for a Lorus

    I normally charge around £30 - £45
  10. Toulene

    Same here. Renia gave me bad headaches
  11. That’s good to know. I know a few people using it that are really happy with it too
  12. Does any one use the SumUp card reader? Cheap to buy and no fixed contracts or monthly charges. You just pay 1.69% on the transactions
  13. Key id

    😆 thank you
  14. Key id

    Thank you
  15. Key id

    Does anyone know what blank this is? Thanks