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  1. Would be amazing (but maybe too much to ask) to have a guide on this if anyone has the time or inclination to make one! Thanks.
  2. Thanks very much to exp for this fantastic info. Two things. 1) I'm a bit confused because the key I was presented with, was a copy, cut on JMA MULT3P1, and didn't have any magnets in it! Unlike in Exp's pic. 2) I've had a look in my Mustang manual on page 4a and there was definitely not "no 3" type cutter supplied. Which surprises me as it shows all the other relevant cutters and tracers in the dual dimple section...if a picture would help I can supply one. Help! Ta
  3. The ER2 needs its shoulder shortening to get in under the anti drill plate on the face of the cylinder
  4. I'm wondering if I didn't get all the necessary cutters with my Mustang. I've got the cutters in the image below but NOT the third one in. Is there a guide to doing these? I find with dimple/laser keys you're sort of on your own with them - apart from this forum of course!
  5. Closest I can find in the SKS catalogue has a detachable bit and would cost US £40! Any ideas? Thanks
  6. It's a bit like a L&F garage lock...but not. Anybody know what locks these were for or were to obtain more blanks? Thanks
  7. They don't. But thank you!
  8. Any recommendations on suppliers for the above? Brands I'd like to stock if poss: Geo F Trumper or Taylor's of Bond Street maybe? Used to get the latter from Birch's but delisted now.
  9. Any ideas how one would cross reference the levers (numbered 153) on a 2077 Horizontal union 3 lever mortice lock? Sorry if this is an easy one to resolve. It's NOT M153M sadly...
  10. NYKeys

    Dimple keys

    RST Mustang - PM me if you want to discuss on the phone - we were in your position a couple of years ago
  11. Looks perfect, Graham!
  12. Anybody got a JMA 613G, Silca 7211 key in stock they could send me? I will very happily pay!! Neither DP nor SKS have one in stock. thanks
  13. Normally excellent but seems to have plummeted recently. Anyone else observed this?