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  1. Normally excellent but seems to have plummeted recently. Anyone else observed this?
  2. We do this with UAP, too, otherwise they don't work. Any other keys which cut better (or will only work) if cut referenced off groove rather than bottom edge?
  3. yeah, searching for SKS returns no hits at present
  4. Anyone else have/had problems with these? We find they don't suit the lock they're designed for.
  5. Help! Customer hasn't a key but is adamant these locks are KA. I'm not sure they can be! Anyone know if the levers translate to Union M series or equivalent? thank you l
  6. NYKeys

    CES Locker key

    Anybody have any ideas on this one? Thanks
  7. Code on key: S135826 3628 Looked very similar to JMA CE9D but don't think CE9D is the right blank. Any ideas? Rang SKS but they didn't get a match up. Thanks...
  8. NYKeys

    SKS prices

    I've had what I think is a bad batch of Guardian mortice keys from SKS - the bits seem to be welded on in the wrong spot - leading to an asymmetrical duplication of the cut. I haven't told SKS because other times when I've tried to raise the issue I've got nowhere. Like another problem whereby the SKS branded ERA 3 lever RH keys don't fit onto the SKS hooks! I have to get my drill out and ream the hole a bit bigger. Mentioned it to SKS over a year ago - problem persists to date.
  9. Yep - so not something I can buy via a trade wholesaler? Thank you though!
  10. NYKeys


    I've had this twice with Brisant
  11. NYKeys

    SKS prices

    oo-err. If they're going pricey I'm going back to Davenport B
  12. Can I pay any member to post me a couple of these out first class in tonight's post? Thank you - PayPal ready to go!