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  1. Any recommendations for a supplier Goodyear needles size and prices seem crazy birch. 3.99 plus vat per needle ..?. thanks in advance
  2. Looking for blank for this tried uap standard blank birch hook 7780 thanks
  3. Looking for this key please it’s 2002 reg Thanks in advance 😀
  4. Roughly how much for the lot
  5. Bizarrely you can also use brass Yale cb hook 667 worked better than union b440
  6. Dickie

    Key ID again !!

    These were available from davenport years ago until a patent was put on them no longer available anywhere
  7. Can they be cut to that number on lock ??
  8. Any one able to help me with a key for these lockers thanks can They be ordered from davenports or sks ?? Thanks