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  1. Model and year would help ?
  2. Also price and detail of which keydiy remotes as well ?
  3. Needing 2 keys urgently for a disabled customer who rides a wheelchair based 3 wheel petrol scooter. Lost keys for the side pannier where fuel filler is kept. I managed to pick the lock but now need a couple of keys for him. Code on the key I need is FT180, picture of the key attached is the key to the other lock. Any help with the key ID and fast purchase would be great. I normally only deal with Autolocksmith stuff but trying to help this guy out.
  4. If it is the ne77 blade, I took out the whole barrel assembly, used a chisel to help remove the snap off bolts. Then there is a split pin holding the inners in, it withdraws from the back.
  5. I did a 2000 Civic a few weeks ago (Rover 45 shape) used a NE77 with id33 chip.
  6. Focus66


    I got some Chrysler/Jeep blades for keydiy direct from China, took a gamble when I ordered them but they are good quality and worked great. All I did was a spot of google searching and a spot of net homework. Unfortunately I don't have a link from where I got them from a while back, I still have 8 blades left.
  7. Focus66

    Gm truecode

    I've Had the software about a year now, initially I had loads of problems but Chris has now done quite a few updates to clear the bugs, only vehicle I've pin code read since the updates was a 12 plate Zafira, and it worked ok. Programmed in using different tool.