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    I have been working with my dad since Spring 2015 but doing the occasional day for about 2 years before that. We have a cobbler shop in Worksop since 1979 doing mainly shoe repair but also key cutting (household, car, special purpose etc), engraving, watch repairs, some leather work, sharpening I could go on.

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  1. The Worksop Heel Bar

    Union Key ID

    Just waiting for the customer to get back to me but I think she just wanted 1 of each
  2. The Worksop Heel Bar

    Union Key ID

    Just had these keys in with the same profile. Anyone know where I can get the blanks for them or where to go to get them cut?
  3. The Worksop Heel Bar

    customer service in question

    I had similar trouble with the ZOO cylinder blanks a few months ago. Tried a few different blanks before ordering genuine ZOO blanks that seemed to solve the problem
  4. The Worksop Heel Bar

    ilco 1645 blank

    have a look at JMA FLT-1
  5. The Worksop Heel Bar

    Dimple keys

    We honestly don't do a lot of car key programming as we are in the middle of a pedestrianised high street and most of the keys we get need the car present for programming ( we use the 884 Ultegra). We do a lot of car key fob repairs which is another good area to go into. The only car keys we have trouble cutting are the Honda blanks, have tried a few times on the Mustang and have yet to get it right.
  6. The Worksop Heel Bar

    Dimple keys

    I would recommend the Mustang, can't fault it and it has helped us expand the amount of keys which we can do. As with any new machine, cutting keys on it will be slow while you get used to it but as we found eventually cutting keys like ISEO R6 now takes less than a minute to do. The Mustang is also a great machine as it comes with lots of cutters and adapters as standard so you won't need to worry about shelling out more money for extra adapters. The pictures are from the manual that say which adapters and cutters are included.
  7. The Worksop Heel Bar

    Keys, keys and bloody keys!

    I think it was the B608/1 (L393) & B608/2 (L394)
  8. The Worksop Heel Bar

    Alternative Movement?

    Need an alternative movement for the Miyota 6W50. Anyone know if there is one?
  9. The Worksop Heel Bar

    Window Key ID

    Can't get under the cover unfortunately
  10. The Worksop Heel Bar

    Window Key ID

    Any idea where these can be bought from?
  11. The Worksop Heel Bar

    Random polish key id

    Looks like a Corbin
  12. The Worksop Heel Bar

    Volvo jaunmarupe locker key 2002

    Silca GHE6?
  13. The Worksop Heel Bar

    Vitris Key Blank

    Just cut this on my Mustang using the SILCA MLM9 blank using the adapters for the HU66 blades and it worked fine.
  14. The movement in the customers watch has a screw where the second hand would fit. Does the non second hand version of this movement have a screw as well?
  15. The Worksop Heel Bar

    Sabre Key

    I'll try that blank next time and see if its that. Thanks again