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  1. APLLocksmiths

    squire do not copy

    F31 is one of mine anthony@apllocksmiths.co.uk should normally have our name and number on!
  2. I’ve got a virtually brand new AD100 with some software on it if your interested. It’s not used as we have another AD100 and 2 MVP Pro’s that we use. If your interested give me a call or text 07712 65 75 85 cheers Tony
  3. APLLocksmiths

    Silver line keys

    Thanks mate much appreciated
  4. Would anybody have the depths and silca card number for two silverline Keys we need please. There not coming up on InstaCode It’s the wesko Toronto series P2161 and P2238 Thanks
  5. Aldridge do Kevron ones but think they only come in tubs of mixed colours but can't remember exactly.
  6. APLLocksmiths

    OBDSTAR X300

    Thanks mate. It is mainly the Hondas in wanting it for as I have a fully loaded genuine avdi, AD100, MVP, Truecode etc etc so got good coverage already. Will have a look about today. Thanks again Tony
  7. APLLocksmiths

    OBDSTAR X300

    Just been looking at this as I get calls for the Hondas. Where did you buy it from martin? Just looked on eBay and the full package one is just over £700 does that sound about right?
  8. APLLocksmiths

    Unusual 3 lever pre cut key

    It's eclipse. Had the same builder with the same keys in our shop today
  9. APLLocksmiths

    Plastic bar for drawer locks

    Hafele might be worth a try.
  10. Ahh I see. Trust Silca to be different.
  11. That should be a 48 chip. If you've cloned onto a 33 I'd be tempted to say leave ignition on with original key and see what happens. You've probably locked it up with the wrongly cloned key
  12. APLLocksmiths

    Citroen ds3

    What's the code you've got.
  13. APLLocksmiths

    London taxi tx4

    Yes I have and can't for the life of me remember which system I used. I remember it was under ford by system and I tried each one till it worked. Might of been pats 2 ??
  14. All good too. Been helping Andy before the launch with this and I placed the first ever order last week. Stock levels are going to be increasing over the next week or so too so good addition for us guys.