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  1. Can always give them my number later!!!
  2. Looks like a shitty Chinese job. Cut to pattern or to lock but not to code
  3. You have to send the Fichet key to the agents in Herts, about £100 per copy and several days. They will only deal directly with customer. I was trying to get copy blanks but have now been told they are rubbish quality. I have a collection of second hand Fichet locks some with multiple keys but they are very expensive
  4. Amlocks

    Safe Key - pipe 7g

    I don't think there is an off the shelf blank with such a thin wall. Have you measured the OD?
  5. Amlocks

    push button lock

    Avoid the cheaper 100 series codelocks. I know several firms that recommend the borg now. Keylex are good ££££££
  6. Amlocks

    Royal fire safe key

    Some of the small Cisa blanks fit too
  7. Chinese copy lock similar to Stuv 4.29.92 series. I recently used the steel RST blank but had to open the hole out very slightly.
  8. Amlocks

    Lancer plus,

    Hmm very tempting. Can't come look until last week in June though.
  9. Amlocks

    Identifying key

    Should be available precut if you ask for Legge LV60 or whatever the number says. Fee places on internet or someone here might sell you one.
  10. It won't clamp the SX9 very well. Older jaw design. Does that answer your question? Got several blades for cylinder and one for flat steel keys. Tools, cards.
  11. Anyone have the code series for an old Leabank fire safe. Code something like A338 on the face of the cylinder. Owner thinks he bought it in the late 1970s. Bit far to be economical for me to visit. If you can cut them I will forward customers details for him to deal direct. T.i.a.
  12. Got an old blitz. Nottingham area. £800 for cash
  13. Amlocks

    kendrick keys

    Davenports 1AK