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  1. Keysaw. Hate seeing shoulders filed
  2. Amlocks

    Zone padlock key?

    File the shoulder back 1054 ?
  3. Thanks. Tried one of the Asec garage door keys and think it can be modified ok. Less work than the Papaiz certainly
  4. Does anyone please know for sure which blank will fit this lock? I only carry Papaiz and it's too chunky. Thanks
  5. Can always give them my number later!!!
  6. Looks like a shitty Chinese job. Cut to pattern or to lock but not to code
  7. You have to send the Fichet key to the agents in Herts, about £100 per copy and several days. They will only deal directly with customer. I was trying to get copy blanks but have now been told they are rubbish quality. I have a collection of second hand Fichet locks some with multiple keys but they are very expensive
  8. Amlocks

    Safe Key - pipe 7g

    I don't think there is an off the shelf blank with such a thin wall. Have you measured the OD?
  9. Chinese copy lock similar to Stuv 4.29.92 series. I recently used the steel RST blank but had to open the hole out very slightly.
  10. Amlocks

    Lancer plus,

    Hmm very tempting. Can't come look until last week in June though.