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  1. Have a look at Jma Ref ALF7 & ALF8 they might work on that key.
  2. We use JMA coined keys very happy with them and the quality is good too never had any issues with them. Everyone is going to say x is better then y. Stick with the top suppliers and can’t go wrong.
  3. eimco

    ISI key ID

    Silca RU14.Works for me
  4. eimco

    Keys and Remotes

    It all depends on what quality you want. I use the following company’s and had zero issues. 3dgroup ,remkeys , autokeyus.
  5. No bother and they will be cheaper then the machine suppliers too.
  6. Any Electric supplier will stock them. That’s where I get mine for the Silca bravo machine.
  7. eimco

    Silca servers

    Bottom button that says upgrtand dignostics click that. And then top right hand corner updat M-Box button click that and then it should update.
  8. eimco

    Silca servers

    I did the update last month too but there was some problem with it I don’t know which that version on your M-Box is 1.1.0 and new is 1.2.0.
  9. eimco

    Silca servers

    According to my Silca rep there is an update for the M-Box it’s now SW 1.2.0 and only M-Box iodate only for anyone with M-Box problems.
  10. eimco

    Silca servers

    Servers down again. Santa Claus doesn’t like Silca servers ha ha
  11. eimco

    Silca servers

    No bother hope you get sorted.
  12. eimco

    Silca servers

    You have to hook it up to a computer and connect to the Silca servers on the the Silca SRP section and update that way.
  13. eimco

    Silca servers

    Same here all good on the M-Box but the Android version of the Smart Remote App is still not fixed but I can work around that for the time been.
  14. eimco

    Silca servers

    Hi Martin I ain’t from the UK and don’t have those contact details. Good idea though.
  15. eimco

    Silca servers

    It would be nice to know it will take X amount of time and then we can plan accordingly but the silence is the worst part. Hopefully we find something out soon.