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  1. No bother and they will be cheaper then the machine suppliers too.
  2. Any Electric supplier will stock them. That’s where I get mine for the Silca bravo machine.
  3. Silca servers

    Bottom button that says upgrtand dignostics click that. And then top right hand corner updat M-Box button click that and then it should update.
  4. Silca servers

    I did the update last month too but there was some problem with it I don’t know which that version on your M-Box is 1.1.0 and new is 1.2.0.
  5. Silca servers

    According to my Silca rep there is an update for the M-Box it’s now SW 1.2.0 and only M-Box iodate only for anyone with M-Box problems.
  6. Silca servers

    Servers down again. Santa Claus doesn’t like Silca servers ha ha
  7. Silca servers

    No bother hope you get sorted.
  8. Silca servers

    You have to hook it up to a computer and connect to the Silca servers on the the Silca SRP section and update that way.
  9. Silca servers

    Same here all good on the M-Box but the Android version of the Smart Remote App is still not fixed but I can work around that for the time been.
  10. Silca servers

    Hi Martin I ain’t from the UK and don’t have those contact details. Good idea though.
  11. Silca servers

    It would be nice to know it will take X amount of time and then we can plan accordingly but the silence is the worst part. Hopefully we find something out soon.
  12. Silca servers

    My Silca agent knows nothing at all. I hope it doesn’t last much longer.
  13. Silca servers

    As long has the SW version is 1.1.0 it should be ok. But I have the latest software and I have service unavailable on my M-Box this morning. I have the current 04..05.090. Also my Smart Remote Programmer is not working to it’s not connecting on the Silca side too.
  14. Ford 80 bit chip

    They don’t sell Ford T80 chips that are clonable. They only sell Toyota T80 chips that are clonable.
  15. Ford 80 bit chip

    Seems that way Keyline do it first then Silca follow suit like the ID48 cloning. Time will tell!!!!!