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  1. My insurance covers me for any vehicle with owners permission.
  2. 1/ Site call out with a bunch of keys. 2/ get him to remove handle and take to you.
  3. jacko

    freebies for nutters

    "The banks stopped my card will you take a cheque"
  4. jacko


    It's all down to Trump, and if not him it'll be the Russians. No I am not on Hillary's side.
  5. I admire you tenacity Fenderfreek in trying to accommodate your customer. I'm too lazy and would say no can do.{financially not worth the effort} But that's just me.
  6. jacko

    Free delivery

    Desperation looks like.
  7. jacko

    Card Key

    Thanks guys, don't want to trial and error on things like this incase of damage.
  8. Hi, Is there a battery in this ? TIA
  9. I’m confused!! I've been confused for the last forty year
  10. Did that once leaning on bar, sheepskin coat ruined,alcohol eats it away.
  11. jacko

    New ERA Fortress lock

    Any British Standard cylinder will cause the thief a problem. I know 'cause they cause me a problem.