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  1. Hi, I'm looking for keys cut by the Easie Entrie, I saw you replied to a request I'd forgotten about a while ago.


    can you still help me please??



    1. Broms Cobb

      Broms Cobb

      Hi yes,

      £5 each incl vat.

      (if you put your telephone number etc I can phone you for the payment)

      post to





      All I do is cut the blanks you have to shape yourself, 

      also put how to post back - I will send a receipt with keys.

      01527 576560


    2. Happy Dude

      Happy Dude

      That's great Martin.

      I've just posted the blank by 1st class recorded delivery so you should get it on Monday.

      This is the last genuine SAH blank I have so I must get it back thanks...

      I've put one of my shop cards in with it for the address and shop phone number.

      many thanks.


    3. Broms Cobb
  2. Broms Cobb

    Golf trophy

    Thanks - I have been trying but - the webs down, i'll try again
  3. ok got an enquiry for a golf trophy that hold the golf ball, looked thru 3 catalogues no good any recommended suppliers?
  4. does anyone know what system does it? http://www.petsun.mobi/Personalized-Photo-Necklace-Sterling-Silver-a
  5. https://www.rac.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?23612-Recourse-when-key-cutters-copy-your-key-wrong
  6. I also cannot send a pm, does no one want to talk to me too????? probably not.
  7. Broms Cobb

    Good Idea or bad Idea

    As you may have seen i have put mine to the back of shop, http://www.bromsgrovecobbler.co.uk/ only problem (if that's what it's called?) is sometimes walking up and down the shop to serve, I have and Iwatch for tracking exercise and since I've had it there is not a day that I have not done the 'magic' 10,000 steps. but at least were better talking to customers away from the noise..
  8. Broms Cobb

    Shop Layout

    here at the bottom of my shop we serve customer's from various place, not sure if we call it a trade counter but as my trade key customer's call in perhaps it is? (scroll to bottom of first page and look at the google streetview) http://www.bromsgrovecobbler.co.uk/
  9. I think SKS are brilliant!!
  10. Broms Cobb

    Cleaning/Polishing Products

    https://www.staxtradecentres.co.uk/ trade site, you will have to register, they don't sell to everyone, but as long as you tell them about key cutting you will have no problem trade reference needed
  11. Broms Cobb

    Laser Engraving machines

    as with any machine from china one company said to me some time ago "be prepared to replace" but five times cheaper? seems a none brainer to me..
  12. Broms Cobb

    Key I.d

  13. yes your right, how ever when you have a shop full all wanting to be served it's frustrating - having to put different jaws and cutters eems to take ages (with also keys into the clamps ) I think we can cut 10 in the time it takes TO DO 1!!
  14. we have a Futura pro, but, its too slow (funny rhymes) so we always manually cut them on the Silca matrix evo. ten times better and never fails... So good that i would sell the Futura which has cut a hand full of keys...