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  1. Paper bags

  2. IS200 'Beep'

    Actually Phil, it gets on all our nerves - but, it is better to keep it - when you have run job thru and realised you have missed a letter or something the beep is very reassuring that it has transferred to the machine. Without it 'sometimes' you send over and for some daft reason engrave toe previous job and then you either 'rub off' or replace... Keep it my advice,.,.
  3. Make your own? If you want to send me the picture I will do some for you, not too many lol
  4. Easter weekend

    Happy Easter to you all
  5. would do, but you called me last night!! No worries it's yours and will also give to the forum chaity thanks
  6. Brand new in box, Silca price (Birch web today Price: £237.75 ) £100-00 incl VAT incl post
  7. But how? your never there! each time I ever telephone your still in bed.... LOL
  8. Almost ready as my Volume has just arrived
  9. nowt wrong with Minit or Timpson
  10. can you send me full details pm thanks
  11. he could also barter with the timpson pods lol