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  1. DONE, but it says only 50?
  2. B.C

    HPC Blitz

    LOl was going to try to call in but no good cant. will you send carrier?
  3. B.C

    HPC Blitz

    where are you located?
  4. B.C

    HPC Blitz

    is thew price £750 incl vat?
  5. So what is the consequence? Just a telling off?
  6. collegers are 3.92 so i guess about the same everywhere everything goes up in price and more so these days,
  7. Lets see them if we all put a picture of what we are getting then can judge better?
  8. I think there resin? which might be ok to laser?
  9. I think the range is even more now, but this depends on the shape of the key head - round head in quantities of 50 as a minimum so if you want TG1 (Tigris) you can, just obviously what I did was a mix of quite a few
  10. Price isn't too bad just looked at hd only a couple of pence more.
  11. Thing is, is it actually worth doing? we have had them done for years and most people don't even notice - when customers with timps keys that are coined they swear I've cut them!! it's funny
  12. B.C

    SKS prices

    ? every wholesaler states this, I have had keys over the years that are poor quality, never once sent one back - just don't order again - so really are you stating your's are better?