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  1. This has just been bought off someone who had it from new but I have decided to selling it on. Single phase can send it on pallet or can be collected. Offers around £3795.
  2. Due to buyer not collecting or paying (yet) rekord 2000. This is still for sale.
  3. Would like to to clear these out. I will listen to best offers on each item via pm. Thanks
  4. I've sent you a pm? If you don't reply to me can you put a price next to each item on here please. Thanks
  5. Looking a increasing key machines. At the moment I have Lancer plus Bravo europa Orion Sierra j 2000 (tibbi ford/jag) Orion ecodrill (lazer) Rw4 plus / pbox (looking at getting mbox this week) think I might struggle to lift bonnets so stick to in shop cloning. As more dimple keys are wanted and available looking at getting a dimple cutter so I can leave the ecodrill set up for lazer keys. I hear mustangs are a good starter with the tilt feature but matrix pro are better if budget can stretch? What's the difference between the two? Thanks
  6. Three for a tenner? Really?

    I've had a woman come in this morning asking for 3 Assa keys (the ones with preece burford stamped on it) I told her £27 each. She told me they are for her daughters work and has been told to get 3 cut they are £10 for 3. omg it costs me more than that for one.
  7. If it's still for sale I would like to know more about it.
  8. Rekord cylinder machine now sold. Due to be collected this Saturday.
  9. Outsole stitcher now sold on ebay
  10. Prices reduced to sell. Finisher £2995 Bench press £1995 Outsole stitcher £1295 Rekord 2000 cylinder £425 Rst Mk2 mortice £425 Jakey lynx tibbi £350 These are All in excellent condition and now priced to sell. Jon 07939 834195
  11. willing to take £5k for finisher and press including delivery if sold together. Remember these are single phase machines ready to plug in and earn you money.
  12. Cloners For Sales

    2nd hand one if possible.
  13. posting key machine

    I would add £35 all in to cover everything if boxed securely for a general key machine.